Big Brother is Listening: Facebook Will Detect Movies, Music

Facebook is constantly streamlining the process for users to share their current status. Its most recent efforts are to push into the second-screen craze for TV.  

The social network is doing away with clumsy hashtags and replacing them with an audio fingerprinting tool. This means that Facebook will be able to detect what TV shows, movies, or music their users are watching or listening to via the user's smartphone. When the feature is turned on, an audio icon will appear when a user posts a status. If Facebook can find a match for the song, the TV show, or the movie, the user can choose to add it to their status. Anyone who sees the status update can see or hear a 30-second preview of the media. 

According to Facebook, the feature will launch "in the coming weeks" on iOS and Android. Wired's Ryan Tate pointed to the possibility of Facebook using the feature for monetization, allowing content producers to somehow take advantage of second-screen usage for advertisement.

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  • Christopher1
    This seems like a security threat to me. Rip a mp3 to your phone, all of a sudden.... whoops, we are suing you for ripping a CD!
  • dusty13
    actions like this are the reason why i would NEVER install a fb-app on my phone ... there is a browser for that if i really feel the need to log into fb on a 4"-5" screen but i doubt i will ever get this bored ...

    also the constant "optimization" only results in the actually intersting stuff not showing up on your page anymore if you do not like that particular site or comment on that particular persons posts every 0.5 nanoseconds.

    fb is becoming increasingly crappy - sad thing is its the biggest fish out there and the one where you find pretty much everyone.
  • SessouXFX
    Glad I never actually joined FB. no pictures, no address or phn number, just an email address I can toss away on a whim. FB can go to hell. And Google, despite having Google Fiber, is really no different...

    Mind your business, Social Media!