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Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Get Over the Air Charging with Powercasts

(Image credit: Powewrcast)

Say goodbye to docking your Joy-Cons to recharge them! Powercasts latest wireless charger makes it possible to refill your Joy-Con controller batteries without a physical connection using their new Wireless Charging Grip.

The system works by means of a wireless power transmitter called PowerSpot. The Joy-Con controllers fit inside the Wireless Charging Grip. The grip automatically receives power when placed within certain proximity to the transmitter.

The charging grip will recharge both connected Joy-Cons. Users can expect up to 26 hours of continuous game play on a single charge. If you're recharging your controllers between sessions, you won't even notice it.

There is an LED system in place to make it easier to determine when the charging grip is too far away and when charging is complete. This makes it easy to tell when you need to make adjustments at a glance.

If you want to get your hands on this charging grip, you can check out the official product listing on Amazon. The system is currently listed at $149.99 USD (€126.66 EUR).