Protect Your PC with These Half-Price Antivirus Apps and Free Win 10 Pro Upgrade

(Image credit: BZ Future)

We’re now well into the third month of the COVID-19 pandemic, with no clear end in sight. Isolation is starting to take its toll, as more and more businesses shift to remote work and more and more governments issue mandatory quarantine and shelter-in-place notices. Unsurprisingly, this atmosphere of anxiety and uncertainty represents a perfect target for cybercriminals.

Thus far, hackers have targeted interactive Coronavirus maps, registered numerous false domains, and significantly ramped up their phishing attempts. Awareness of these attacks is an important first step. Mindfulness of the tactics criminals are using to play on everyone’s fear goes a long way towards seeing through them. 

Conscientiousness only goes so far, though. Even if you know about what hackers are doing, everyone makes mistakes — and it only takes one slip-up for an infection. That’s why, in addition to staying savvy on the web, it’s also important that you install the right security software.

To that end, you should check out online marketplace BZfuture. They’re currently offering huge deals on some of the leading antivirus and security software on the market.  For a limited time, you can get the following at half-price from anywhere in the world - better yet, each deal comes with a free copy of Windows 10 Professional.

(Image credit: BZ Future)

All of the above software also comes with a free Windows 10 Professional Key, complete with BitLocker file encryption, remote desktop software, virtualization, and greater overall control of your PC. Speaking of control antivirus software isn’t the only thing that’s on offer, either. BZfuture is also offering a huge discount on AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition 8.6, currently retailing at $20.32 with a free copy of Windows 10 Professional.

With Partition Assistant, you can easily create, resize, merge, move, and split partitions without losing or corrupting data. This allows you to readily maximize disk space, with added features like migration between operating systems. Combined with Windows 10 Professional, this enables better data management than ever before, right at the time when we all need it most. 

For each of the above deals, after payment, you’ll be provided with two keys: one for your selected antivirus software, and the other for a copy of Windows 10 Professional. If you already have a copy of Windows 10 Home, you can use the key to upgrade. Simply open your System Settings, Select About System, then click on Change Product Key or Update Windows Version. BZFuture also provides support on its website, so if you’ve any questions, you can contact them via chat or email

(Image credit: BZ Future)

Particularly in light of current events, mindfulness on the web is absolutely essential. In part, that’s maintaining awareness of the common tactics criminals are using to target people online. But it’s also important that you install the right software to keep yourself safe, secure, and in control.