Server performance metrics: 5 things you should be considering

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If you’re managing the network of your small business, it’s not enough just to make sure that your systems are up and running. Beyond just keeping the hardware online, it’s important to consider what it’ll take to get back online if something goes wrong. And, there’s plenty to worry about when it comes to ensuring the servers are secure and won’t go down again. 

Once you know your server hardware is safe, then it’s time to think about how to get the most out of your servers and how they can grow alongside your business. Dell Technologies has server and compute solutions that address each of these concerns. So, while you’re looking at your business’s strategy when it comes to servers and hardware, here are five important considerations that Dell Technologies can help with:

How secure is your hardware?

Network infrastructure doesn’t come cheap, and it can cost your business greatly if your server hardware is compromised. That makes security a top priority. 

Dell Technologies’ server hardware offers extra peace of mind by employing cryptographically-signed firmware, preventing the hardware from operating if there has been tampering. And, you can pair these servers with Dell Technologies’ SonicWall security to protect it from external breaches. If the servers are attacked, Dell Technologies’ servers feature security down to the BIOS level, ensuring you can easily resolve any alterations even at the deepest level. Options for data redundancy will also help ensure that your stored information is backed up so that it can’t easily be destroyed, and Dell Technologies’ Server Lockdown tool can prevent unauthorized changes.

How secure are the computers accessing your servers?

Once your network is secured against machines that shouldn’t have access to it, you have to consider the machines that do have access to it. The computers and laptops of end-users in your company are a major point of vulnerability, but Dell Technologies’ devices offer a secure solution.

Dell Technologies’ devices have security features that ensure they’re consistently used, including laptops and mice with fingerprint sensors built-in. Important credentials on the hardware are also stored on a SafeID security chip, ensuring that they remain protected even if a bad actor gets access to the devices. Dell Technologies can even protect against snooping, thanks to privacy screens for laptop displays and external monitors alike.

How quickly can any server issues be resolved?

Even with the best setup, issues sometimes occur. It almost feels like it’s the nature of computers, but for the network hardware of a business, getting it back online quickly is vital. Dell Technologies’ OpenManage can help you easily monitor your servers’ performance, spot any issues, and take proactive steps to fix them before they result in any downtime. The security of Dell Technologies’ hardware also helps, as lost data can be restored from redundant drives and BIOS-level security will make it easier to quickly regain control of any machine that’s been breached.

For bigger problems, Dell Technologies expert support is available. Dell Technologies provides the ProSupport Enterprise Suite to help its customers stay up and running. That service includes 24/7 support to quickly resolve any issues that arise.

How much processing power are you getting for your money?

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It’s natural to want to go with the most capable hardware you can get, but when you’re managing the infrastructure of a business, the cost is just as important a consideration as performance. Finding the right balance of processing capabilities and hardware costs is tricky, but the right types of servers can make all the difference.  

With servers that have multiple CPU sockets, you can more finely configure each server to meet your specific performance needs. Dell Technologies has a wide variety of these server, letting you get a server that’s just as performant as you need without overspending on processing headroom that may go unused for some time.

How effectively can you scale up your servers?

The goal of a business isn’t to just rest on its laurels. Growth is key, and having the infrastructure that can grow with your business can make a huge difference in how easily you expand. Servers with multiple CPU sockets will let you start small and add more hardware as your needs increase. 

With Dell Technologies’ suite of hardware for servers, network storage, and network switching, you can grow each part of your infrastructure right alongside the demand, ensuring you never get held back nor have to overspend on hardware that may not have an immediate benefit.

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