Teenager Arrested For Posting Naked Ex-girlfriend Pics On MySpace


Lacrosse County (WI) - 17-year-old Alex Phillips thought he was "getting back" at an ex-girlfriend by posting her naked pictures on MySpace, but it seems the local police have other plans for the teenager. Phillips posted two pictures of the 16-year-old girl on his MySpace page and spurned warnings by the police to take them down. He refused and was arrested for child pornography, defamation and sexual exploitation.

Read more ... The Smoking Gun.

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  • LoboBrancoTimido
    Always nice to get arrested because of an EX-girlfriend.
    Ah these teens today are so silly. :-D
  • Anonymous
    Oh nice, another article relevant to electronics industries that we can't get anywhere else (fark, cnn, drudge, digg, etc.).

    people have been posting their ex girlfriend's pics on usenet for decades. They probably aren't so stupid as to tie their identity to the posting, but stupidity has existed among humans for millenia.

    I don't get it, tomshardware has been getting larger yet the pool of quality articles has been drying up???
  • Anonymous
    That probably made her feel awesome. I bet this dumbass completely forgot about CP laws thinking it's ok because he's also a child.