Aris Mpitziopoulos

Contributing Editor

Aris started his journey in the computer-land in the mid-80s through a home computer, Atari 1040 STF. He also had the chance to play with Intel's 8088 and 8086 PCs back in these days, but they didn't leave a good impression on him, so he continued for quite a long with home computers! He wrote his first article for a Greek site in 2000; it was about modifying a graphics card for faster speeds. He took a break for a while to complete his second degree and Ph.D., and he started writing articles again in 2009. He is currently the PSU editor at Tom's Hardware and TechPowerUp, where he also writes about networking stuff, and he has two YT channels with the name Hardware Busters in the title. When he is not writing code or articles, he is watching movies with his wife, his son, and his three cats, or he is out cycling.

Articles by: Aris Mpitziopoulos