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Haswell CPUs to Top Out at 3.5 GHz

Chinese website VR-Zone published the spec sheet, which includes 14 different Core i-4000 series processors, ranging from the Core i5-4430S (2.7 GHz) to the flagship i7-477K (3.5 GHz) model.

Thirteen models are quad-core models, and five versions (all i7 models) support hyperthreading. The fourth-generation of i-processors will be based on the LGA1150 package, which will require those who upgrade from sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge CPUs to buy new motherboards.

Most interestingly, Intel is lifting the power budget of the processors from a maximum of 77 watts in the current generation to 84 watts at the top end, while the mainstream processors remain at their old 65, 45 and 35 watt power ranges. It is reasonable to assume that the 84 watt rating of i7-4770/4770K processor is based on increased graphics performance of these chips.

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