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Digital Storm Intros HydroLux Desktop Cooling Solution

Digital Storm has introduced a new enthusiast-level cooling and control solution for its custom desktops called HydroLux. It's aimed at enthusiasts who want the look and performance of liquid cooling, but don't have the know-how to install a system on their own. HydroLux combines liquid and airflow cooling technologies with fully customizable control software, and is now made available exclusively on all Digital Storm desktops.

"With an array of temperature probes feeding HydroLux’s control board in real-time, HydroLux can create the perfect balance between thermals and noise," the company states. "Choose from silent or extreme airflow modes, or let HydroLux automatically monitor and optimize airflow based on temperatures."

Chassis LED lighting can serve as a visual monitoring system for temperature levels inside the PC, even while inside a full-screen game or during an intensive rendering task. As the chassis and fluid temperatures rise and fall, the LED lighting will slowly fade from a cool blue to a warm red. Chassis lighting will automatically switch to red every time a maximum temperature recording is exceeded.

The company says the components can be easily serviced and upgraded without having to dismantle the entire cooling system thanks to quick disconnect valves at key junctions. HydroLux also employs large high-flow pumps to move as much as 300 gallons of cooling fluid per hour, increasing heat dissipation and improving overall system stability.

The new HydroLux system is managed by the company's Control Center software that provides real-time temperature graphs. Users can choose from three sets of airflow optimization (auto, quiet and extreme), turn on the LED Thermal Mode, and create custom chassis lighting. Specific aspects of real-time thermal tracking can be toggled on and off including fluid, CPU area, GPU area, HDD area and exhaust.

"We work hard to differentiate the Digital Storm brand by engineering powerful systems that meet our customer’s high-performance demands," says Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s Director of Product Development. "HydroLux delivers on that promise by providing an industry leading cooling solution that can be fully customized to meet each user’s unique needs."

The new HydroLux system is now available as an option when configuring Digital Storm desktops including Vanquish, Bolt, Virtue, Enix and even the Aventum II. 

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