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Streacom Reveals DB4 Fanless Aluminum Mini-ITX Chassis

The Streacom DB4 is a small cube-shaped case with a bisymmetrical design. The internal structure of the case is made of precision CNC aluminum and the side panels are made of 13mm thick extruded aluminum. The thick side panels serve as the convection surface that keeps the components cool and allows the case to effectively dissipate heat. Streacom said that each side panel can handle 65w of heat dissipation. You can also couple two sides together to handle up to 120w of heat output.

Passively cooled cases often have limited motherboard compatibility but Streacom said that its universal CPU cooler bracket makes the DB4 compatible with nearly any mini-ITX motherboard. Streacom said it also re-engineered its CPU mount design to make it compatible with any CPU socket. The company also added a copper shim between the IHS and the heatpipes, to create an all-copper thermal path.

The Streacom DB4 case is only 260 x 260 x 270mm but it still manages to accommodate a significant amount of hardware. In addition to supporting any mini-ITX motherboard, the case leaves enough space for a 200mm long full height discrete graphics card and somehow makes space for up to five 3.5” hard drives or a shocking number (12) of 2.5” drives (or various combinations therein). To make it easy to install all of these components into such a small package, all four case panels come off and the motherboard tray comes out.

Streacom said that the DB4 case features a universal bracket system that allows you to mount drives and the heatsink anywhere inside the chassis. 

The DB4 case is too small to house a standard power supply. Even the SFX format is too large for the case. Streacom has its own line of Nano power supplies that can power a basic system, but if you want a large number of hard drives or a discrete graphics card you’ll need the ZF240 240w ZeroFlex fanless power supply. The ZF240 uses the universal bracket system as well.

Streacom did not reveal the price of the DB4.

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