MSI GTX 680 Lightning Graphics Card Honored with 2013 CES Innovation Award

Leading international motherboard and graphics card maker MSI has won the 2013 CES Innovation Award with the GTX 680 Lightning graphics card, released mid-2012. The award not only proves that the GTX 680 Lightning is the most powerful graphics card on the planet but also highlights how MSI has become a leader in the market through innovation and dedication in product design. The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in the US is a showcase of new technology products, and the CES Innovation Award sets the benchmark for industry innovation. The latest award puts the spotlight on MSI's leading position in technology and R&D capabilities as well as how MSI has successfully extended its brand philosophy of "Innovation with style" to meet consumer requirements.

The GTX 680 Lightning graphics card is designed for extreme overclocking enthusiasts and incorporates MSI's proprietary Unlocked Digital Power architecture to unleash full performance without requiring any modifications. The card is also equipped with the industry-leading patented GPU Reactor power supply back plate to reduce power supply noise and greatly boost overclocking stability. The thermal design of the GTX 680 Lightning is based on the Twin Frozr IV cooling module with Dust Removal technology. The dual cooling fans and SuperPipe technology help realize the optimum balance between cooling and noise. The third-generation military-grade components used by the MSI GTX 680 Lightning have been independently laboratory certified and passed extensive, rigorous testing. Overclocking enthusiasts can therefore overclock to their hearts' content knowing that they can count on the card's superb stability. As the latest flagship graphics card, the GTX 680 Lightning uses the latest technologies and proprietary features in design, cooling, materials and software to meet the needs of expert users.

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