Hybrid Protection from Kaspersky

Why Choose Kaspersky for Your Internet Security

Choosing an Internet security suite is the most vital software choice you make. It’s the chief factor in your computer becoming infected or hacked, where you could lose valuable files and your time and money in getting it fixed. Thus you should choose carefully and don’t just settle with the security software that came preinstalled with your computer.

The virus detection effectiveness is the most important aspect of an Internet security suite. Consequently the underlying detection and protection techniques are also vital, especially to help protect against brand new—zero-day—viruses, malware, and other vulnerabilities.

Malware can be created and self-replicated quicker than antivirus vendors can update their virus signatures, the updates downloaded to your antivirus program used to compare your files against. A virus signature blocks only one specific variation of a virus or malware.  However, certain malware families can spawn hundreds, if not thousands of variants, and all these variants require signatures. Thus Internet security suites need to have advanced protection techniques, beyond traditional virus signatures, to help catch these.

One of the ingredients Kaspersky Labuses to create a highly intelligent and effective antivirus solution is cloud-based protection, in addition to traditional protection provided by virus signatures. The cloud (or online) protection provides a direct connection to their Urgent Detection System, so threats can be identified and neutralized quicker. This protects against zero-day infections and intrusions. It also helps keep computers protected even if the downloaded virus signature updates aren’t current, an inherent risk of traditional antivirus solutions.

For over a decade, Kaspersky Lab has been helping protect computers against malware, hackers, and other vulnerabilities. Their products have protected more than 300 million systems around the globe, including home and mobile users, small and medium sized businesses and large enterprises. Kaspersky Lab’s products are also award-winning and have proven effectiveness as shown by third-party independent tests.

They were most recently given the highest possible Advanced+ rating by AV-Comparatives in May 2011 for Retrospective Testing.

They also received top marks and above industry average scores for detection tests by AV-Test.org in February 2011.