RunCore's Xapear SSDs Provide Top Security

Keep Your Data Safe With RunCore's Xapear SSD Drives

As technology has advanced, notebook computers have become increasingly mobile. Laptops are easy to carry, and, thus, also  easy to lose or steal, along with often sensitive data. This can be especially problematic for businesses and the military and government agencies.

Data encryption is the current preferred method of data protection. However, when a computer is lost or stolen, there is no way to assure that the data on it has not been unencrypted and thus compromised.

Runcore's Xapear solid state drives feature foolproof data protection capabilities, including easy removal from the computer, RFID user access control and rapid, remote mobile phone destruction of stored data.

First, Xapear 1.8 inch SSDs are removable to reduce the chance that the drive is lost or stolen with the mobile computer itself. Second, RFID user access control features an AES128 encryption algorithm to control access to the drive. Only a user with the correct RFID key is allowed to access the SSD. Third, Xapear SSDs can be remotely controlled; when power is on, users can communicate with the drive through a standard network using a phone. This allows control of such drive functions as data destruction and drive status monitoring. Remote control uses a specified mobile phone number. When the computer is powered on the RFID key is required to unlock the SSD. After power on, the mobile phone receives a message. If the user is aware that the SSD has been lost, to ensure data security, a self destruction command can be sent to the SSD.