Panasonic Announces 216 Mb/s Blu-ray Media


Tokyo (Japan) - Panasonic claims that it is first to have succeeded in developing 6x Blu-ray write-once media, featuring a stunning data transfer speed of 216 Mbit/sec., which is almost 30-percent faster than a 16x DVD and almost four times quicker than a 48x CD drive.

The race to increase data reading and recording speeds on optical media has hit another milestone as Panasonic said that it will be rolling out 6X BD-R media in July. 6X translates into a data transfer rate of 6 x 36 Mbit/sec. or a total of 216 Mbit/sec. (roughly 27MB/sec).

Compared to previous optical media, the media are substantially faster than 16x DVDs, which achieved 169 Mbit/sec. (21.1 MB/sec.) and 48X CDs that offered a maximum transfer rate of 56 Mbit/sec. (7 MB/sec.). The next speed upgrade, however, is already on the horizon. Researchers are looking for ways to enable optical discs at up to 15,000 rpm (current discs support a maximum of 10,000 rpm) and data transfer rates of up to 250 Mbit/sec.

There are no changes in terms of capacity: The 6x Media will be offered in 25 GB and 50 GB versions. However, Panasonic limits the availability of these media initially to Japan and said that it plans to commercialize 6x media in Japan by the end of September 2008.

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  • SykaSirKits
    WOW that is awesome. Maybe I should take out a second mortgage now so I could buy a blu-ray burner and 100 of these disks. Or perhaps I will wait until they become as commonplace as DVD drives and companies stop hyping "theoretical" transfer speeds that will never be seen on common configurations in any generation of optical media in the near future.
  • liemfukliang
    I hope this 6x is TRUE Speed like 6x DVD or 6x CD, not just marketing speed like 52x CD, or 16x DVD. And I hope the bluray media at least in sigle layer will be at IDR 4000 :D.
  • nukemaster
    Like all optical disks i am sure the 6x (27megabytes per second) is on the outer rim. Its all marketing...