EE Bringing Free WiFi to Glastonbury with a Tractor

Music lovers are hitting Glastonbury this week for the Glastonbury Festival, which kicks off Wednesday and runs through to Sunday, June 30. Also on hand will be EE, which plans to offer WiFi connectivity via a tractor. Yep, really.


Thanks to smartphones and our penchant for always-on connectivity, the prospect of spending five days without access to Facebook, Twitter or email is a bit daunting. As such, UK 4G carrier EE aims to keep festival goers connected with a tractor. The EE-branded tractor will demonstrate EE's superfast 4G network and will move around the festival grounds over the course of the event.

"We couldn’t be more excited about this year’s Glastonbury where we will be installing the first ever superfast 4G network at a UK festival to help those on site stay connected," said Spencer McHugh, Brand Director at EE. "Our 4G Tractor demonstrates the innovative approach we’re taking to bring the fastest mobile internet speeds to the UK in a uniquely Glastonbury way and uses similar technology to our fleet of 4G cabs trialled earlier this year.  We hope festival goers enjoy logging on to the EE-pimped eco-tractor if they see it over the weekend."

This tractor will be powered by EE's on-site 4G network at Glastonbury. Inside the cab, EE network equipment will power a hotspot with a 10m range. Users will be able to tweet, log onto Facebook, and browse the web regardless of their carrier. The tractor's location will be shared via the EE Twitter page (@EE).

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  • fiduce
    So EE is a brand ? pffffff !!! ;-)
  • army_ant7
    I actually started imagining a crowd of people focused on their smartphones while following the moving tractor (if it will be) in order to stay connected. :P
  • __-_-_-__
    actually in festivals there are people with backpacks with wifi 4g hotspots on them. no need for tractors....