Galaxy Releases 128 GB Thunder GT Pro SSD

Galaxy, a manufacturer mainly known for its graphics cards, has released an SSD called the Thunder GT 128 Pro. As the name indicates, comes with 128 GB.

It is a 2.5" drive that is packed with a SATA3 interface. The NAND is manufactured by Toshiba, as Toggle-NAND flash, and paired with a JMicron JMF667H controller. The amount of DRAM cache is unknown.

Read speeds go up to 480 MB/s and 70,000 IOPS, with writes at 300 MB/s and 58,000 IOPS.

Not much more is known about the drive, except that it will be available in China at the end of this month for a price of 元799. This, coincidentally, is equivalent to USD 128, giving Chinese customers an exact price of one USD per gigabyte. 

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  • A Bad Day
    "Saturated market? What's this saturated market that you speak of?"
  • plznote
    Wow, I almost completely forgot about Galaxy after seeing so many Samsung ads.
  • chumly
    $65 or I'm not impressed.