Modder Makes PS3 Arcade Controller Out of Xbox

Modder Morris has put his dead Xbox to good use by turning it into an arcade stick for his PlayStation 3. Though it took a considerable amount of effort, Morris says he was well prepared as his previous project involved using a dead Xbox 360 to build a stick for the Xbox. Not to say his first arcade stick isn't impressive but this project, as Morris gleefully points out, allows him to plug his Xbox into his PS3. Parts required for the job listed below:

* 1x Xbox 360 case
* 1x Xbox 360 wired controller
* 1x Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT joystick with mounting plate
* 6x Sanwa 30mm screw-in buttons in appropriate colours
* 2x Sanwa 24mm snap-in buttons
* a set of PCB case feet (3 used in this mod)
* Heaps of wires with .187 quick disconnects on one end
* Soldering iron & solder
* Drill & 30mm holesaw & 24mm holesaw (though Morris says he had a workaround with a 24mm spade bit and a 22mm holesaw)

Buttons, Joystick, wires and PCB feet all purchased from In2Amusements in Perth.

Morris said he was disappointed to find that there was no HOME button on the board he bought, so his desire to map the PS3 HOME button to the power button on the case was not to be. He also isn’t sure where he’s going to put the L1 and L2 buttons and is looking for input on that one, if you feel like pitching in.

As for his next project, the modder says he plans to make a PS3/Xbox 360 combo stick from another dead Xbox 360 case.

"I'm still trying to find the best place to mount a switch so that it doesn't take away from the look of the case," he wrote. "Speaking with a friend (dreamcazman) I'm going to get a terminal block to help keep the wiring neat."

Read more about Morris’ mod and check out more pictures of his sticks on Shoryuken (via Kotaku).

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  • wwwldmhr
    great mod
  • wwwldmhr
    great mod
  • lashabane
    Anyone else remember the first Street Fighter in the arcade with those two HUGE rubber buttons?