Analyst: T-Mobile to Soon Carry iPhone

According to reports overheard by Merrill Lynch analyst Scott Craig, T-Mobile USA is finally set to offer Apple's iPhone to its subscribers.

Within a note to investors, Craig noted that "speculation is heightening" about T-Mobile USA parent company Deutsche Telecom set to announce plans to sign a deal with Apple in order to bring the iPhone to the U.S. carrier. The unveiling is said to be due for an analyst event next week.

Currently, T-Mobile is the fourth largest carrier in the United States with 33 million customers. Craig said around 4 million from that figure would be expected to purchase the device.

The carrier, the only major U.S. carrier not to offer the iPhone, was scheduled to be purchased through an AT&T merger in 2011 for $39 billion, but it was blocked by U.S. regulators.

To attract consumers without offering the device itself, T-Mobile targets iPhone users by selling nano-SIM cards that can be utilized by unlocked iPhones, subsequently enabling it to be compatible with its network.


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  • reprotected
    Someone promote this guy.
  • shmung
    Lol isnt this what they said when the 4 launched and then they were really sure when the 4s launched and then they were even more sure when the 5 launched whoever is making these predictions need to be fired how can you be that wrong and still have a job
  • devBunny
    Excellent. I shall put all this information to good use when I launch my new phone. :-)