Rumor: Windows 8 Set for September Reveal

It’s been 18 months since Microsoft’s Windows 7 hit retailers’ shelves and if the latest reports are to be believed, the beta of the next version Windows will arrive in six month’s time. Microsoft has announced that the company’s annual Professional Developers Conference will kick off September 13 and run through to September 16.

Considering Microsoft debuted the first public beta of Windows 7 at PDC 2008, Business Insider is leading the way in speculating that PDC 2011 will include a demo of the first public beta of Windows 8.

If we’re to follow Microsoft’s Windows 7 release schedule, the PDC 2011 public beta of Windows 8 will give way to a fall 2012 shipping date for the completed version of the operating system.

Discuss more about this and other Windows 8 features here!

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  • Trialsking
    I have a feeling that Win 7 will be the new XP when Win 8 hits...Vista anyone
  • memadmax
    They will have to pull XP from my cold dead hands......
  • captaincharisma
    from all the info i seen on windows 8 sounds like more of an update like windows 2000 to XP. never had any issues with vista. i'll skip this OS