Kindle Smartphones Rumored to Arrive 1H 2014

Unnamed sources from Taiwan's supply chain report that Primax Electronics has received orders from Amazon for compact camera modules (CCM) for smartphones hitting the market in the first half of 2014. These smartphones will feature floating point technology, sources claim, and each phone will be equipped with six CCMs for sensing.

This bit of detail backs up previous rumors that the Kindle smartphone will have multiple front-facing cameras that will determine where the user's face is located, and render the 3D on screen accordingly. But the mention of "floating point" technology indicates that the phone may have a motion sensing attribute, allowing the user to control the phone without having to touch the screen.

The last we heard, sources said Amazon was working with HTC on three smartphones, and that one of these devices was in an advanced stage of development and would not ship until 2014, if at all. Based on previous rumors, the phone will likely have four cameras on the front for the motion sensing/3D aspect, another camera on the front for video calling, and one on the back for taking pictures.

Prior rumors claimed that Amazon was working on two phones: one high-end model and one inexpensive model. Both phones were reportedly part of Project B, one of many "Alphabet" projects under development inside Amazon's Lab126 facility in California. Sources recently claimed that the high-end phone eventually moved to a "Duke" codename and is now using "Smith."

There's speculation that Amazon may use a version of its Fire OS 3.0 "Mojo" operating system for its phones. This platform supports enterprise-based features including a native VPN client, a native SCEP (Simple Certificate Exchange Protocol) client, and device management APIs. Therefore, the new Kindle Fire HDX tablets can be used in a BYOD environment, as could a Fire OS-based smartphone.

Unnamed sources said that Primax Electronics will supply more than 50 percent of the CCMs for Amazon's phone. Naturally, the company has declined to comment.

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  • chumly
    I think it's ridiculous that tablets cost $200-300 and phones cost $500-600. Seriously, what the hell. All I want is a $200 phone with the specs of a $200 tablet.
  • hsyuts
    It is not ridiculous that phones cost way more than tablets. Phones are smaller. It is both difficult and expensive to fit all the components inside them. The PCB is a lot smaller in size, so we have to use more layers. Because space is so precious in phones, we need to make sure that we utilize every millimeter-square of it. Thermals is also more difficult to manage in phones because components are packed more closely together. Supporting voice calls requires RIL validation from carriers and more. There are also others issues...,
    We can sell you 7-inch phones for $229, but you probably won't like them.
  • vinay2070
    Thats all R&D Cost, wouldn't the manufacturing cost be less for phones because of less material, small screen, etc.
    I know that R&D cost is high initially, but once a company have a phone developed, wouldn't the cost of the R&D on the next phone model come down? Since the company would have the OS and other parts already tuned? The Chinese are able to bring out devices at lower price in that "small space". Now they are even planning to come out with SD800 chips.