AMD Pitches Free RAMDisk Trial

There is a free "trial" offer to download the software, though the software appears to be the freeware version (without a time limit) of Ramdisk that is offered on Ramdisk's website, anyway.

However, there is a twist as those users who run AMD-branded memory can extended the virtual Ramdisk to 6 GB, instead of just 4 GB. If you want to go beyond 4 or 6 GB, you will have to purchase the personal version of the software, which is available for $19.

AMD promises that users could see a speedup of up to 1,700 percent when compared to HDD performance and achieve data transfer rates of up to 25,600 MB/s with DDR3-1600 memory. These are, of course, theoretical values.

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  • joytech22
    If you have a server, stick 256GB of RAM on the mobo, make a 128GB RAM Drive.
    Store all your game servers on the drive.

    Watch as nobody complains about performance or map load times. :3 Until a power outage wipes it clean and you lose your servers. lol.

    Whenever I play online I boast about how the server loads slower than my machine does.
    But if someone did this, I'd be dumbfounded by the load times. lol.
  • amuffin
    Well, it's a start. We'll get there one day. :)
  • Other Comments
  • Warsaw
    Sweet none-the-less, good job on promoting something that is a huge speed boost in some instances.
  • amuffin
    Well, it's a start. We'll get there one day. :)
  • uglynerdman
    but will it help you run crysis?