Microsoft introduces Copilot Pro subscription for $20 per month, runs across your devices and uses GPT-4 Turbo

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Microsoft has a new subscription tier for its Copilot AI companion that will bring it across more devices and into more applications than before. Dubbed Copilot Pro, the $20 per month (and per user) subscription will get you a cohesive AI that follows you across your Windows PCs, the web, apps, and "soon on your phone."

The paid tier will also add Copilot to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and OneNote on  Windows PCs, Macs, and iPads, as long as you're also a subscriber to Microsoft 365 Personal or Family.

Those who sign on for Copilot Pro will also be the first to get the latest models from OpenAI. Starting today, that means those who subscribe will get access to GPT-4 Turbo "during peak times for faster performance," Microsoft executive vice president and consumer chief marketing Officer wrote in a blog post. It appears the new model will also get access to the newer model, but that you'll need Copilot Pro to use newer models when usage is high, as well as to switch between models.

Mehdi also wrote that image creation with Image Creator from Designer (formerly known as Bing Image Creator) will be faster "with 100 boosts per day while bringing you more detailed image quality as well as landscape image format." Copilot Pro will also let you create a custom Copilot GPT specialized for certain topics with just a few prompts. That last feature, which sounds similar to custom GPTs that OpenAI just launched, will come "soon" in a Copilot GPT Builder.  For free customers, Copilot GPTs will be broadly available. These will be specialized to certain topics, and Microsoft says they will be tailored to interests like travel, cooking, and fitness. 

Mehdi says that Copilot Pro is designed to provide "more options for power users, creators, and anyone looking to take their Copilot experience to the next level."

Microsoft's subscription isn't terribly surprising. The company has made a huge investment in OpenAI and adding features to Windows, Microsoft 365, Edge and other products, and is among the most valuable companies in the world partially due to its refocusing on AI.  it's unsurprising that a subscription is here; it lets Microsoft monetize Copilot.

And the $20 per month, per user price has a precedent: OpenAI itself. ChatGPT Plus is also $20 per month and promises faster response times, access during peak times, and the ability to get the newest models and features first.

Beyond Copilot Pro, Microsoft is making Copilot for Microsoft 365 available to small businesses (one to 299 seats), for $30 per person per month, and is removing 300-seat purchase minimums for many enterprise customers. Microsoft 365 for education faculty and staff will also see access to Copilot.

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That $30 subscription for Microsoft 365 provides even further details.Including Copilot in teams and a "Semantic Index" that works with Copilot and the Microsoft Graph to "create a sophisticated map of all the data and content in your organization," which Microsoft wrote in a different blog will make Copilot more relevant to companies and provide more actionable responses.

Copilot is now available on Android and iOS, and will roll out to the Microsoft 365 app for both platforms in the next month.

At CES, we saw a number of Windows laptops with dedicated Copilot keys — the biggest change to the Windows keyboard layout in decades. Now we'll see if this new subscription program, plus broader access to businesses and schools, gets people tapping those keys.

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  • mdd1963
    Grabbing my credit card!!!

    *severe exaggerated eyeroll!*
  • Jagar123
    I don't understand how they will get people to pay for this. There's a sucker is born every minute I guess.
  • mrv_co
    If this doesn't change your mind:
    "It appears the new model will also get access to the newer model, but that you'll need Copilot Pro to use newer models when usage is high, as well as to switch between models."
    Nothing will.
  • court655
    One more company taking another monetized AI step in the name of greed.
  • ddewd
    doing me an actual favor so i dont have to go registry diving trying to turn it off for the 400th 'feature' i dont want
  • punkncat
    Has this actually been popular and useful enough to people to give the indication they would be willing to pay for said?

    Honestly, haven't used it (knowingly) aside from one time early on attempting to ask it questions that I already knew the answer to. Getting those answers required framing the question such as to get them. Haven't tried again.
  • ezst036
    Oh, I didn't see this one coming. (edit: This is not sarcasm) What are the chances that Microsoft does a roundabout and says "we will give you Windows for free, just subscribe to Copilot"

    BOOM instant Windows as a subscription OS. Except, you subscribed to the other thing.

    Sometimes you have to do the action without doing the action. Just "call it" something else with a different label.
  • rluker5
    Anybody have good uses for this?
    The preview copilot just seems like a different search engine to me.
    Maybe it can be used to make memes? Not really my thing but some people use them. I generally like my pictures to either be real or handmade (if used as art).

    I don't want something that is more work than its benefits, but I have no problems using AI if it has something worthwhile.

    I just asked Copilot what its uses are and it answered:
    "Some of the uses for Copilot are:

    Creating documents, emails, presentations, and reports with Copilot 365, which integrates with Microsoft 365 apps and suggests content improvements, formatting options, and text generation1Building your own custom Copilots with Copilot Studio, which allows you to create AI-powered chatbots, data analytics tools, document automation tools, and more2Accessing the latest AI capabilities with Copilot Pro, a premium subscription for individuals that provides a higher tier of service, priority access to the newest models, enhanced AI image creation, and the ability to create your own Copilot GPTs3 " Some of that sounds like it could be handy for students looking to do reports with a minimum of effort, and a custom version of Copilot looks like it could be used to replace some office workers. $30 a month sounds like a real bargain there.

    But not a lot seems that good for a person like me. I did like being able to ask the source what it is good for though.

    If anybody has some good Copilot uses for a lazy non coder who uses their pc for convenience, media and recreation I would be glad to hear them. If nobody can find any that says something about Copilot as well.
  • vanadiel007
    I asked an AI a while ago what the fastest way to get rich was. It could not give me a good answer and warned me to be careful with investments.
    I was expecting more from what is supposed to be a super smart robot. At the same time I was hoping I would have been rich by now.
    It's obvious it was toying with me, because now it's charging $ for access and obviously it's going to get rich instead of me.
  • Alvar "Miles" Udell
    While I see the benefit to having Copilot in Outlook and Office, I don't see the justification for $20 a month additional fee on top of Microsoft 365.