Foxconn: Employee Suicide Had It Coming

Last week reports around the web exploded in regard to a Foxconn employee who apparently committed suicide over a misplaced iPhone prototype.

The reports also indicated that the employee, Sun Danyong, was heavily interrogated by his department head. Some reports with inside information indicated that Danyong was subjected to grueling interrogation. At first, Danyong's reason for committing suicide was largely unknown but was attributed to his working conditions at Foxconn.

This isn't the first time that Foxconn has been under the public eye for issues regarding the way its employees are treated. But today, a report by the New York Times revealed that Foxconn claims that Dayong had a history of misplacing products.

“Several times he had some products missing, then he got them back,” Said James Lee, General Manager of Foxconn's China operations.“We don’t know who took the product, but it was at his stop.”

Foxconn also denied beating Danyong, and claimed that the interrogation officer merely put his hand on Danyong's shoulders after becoming angry with the late employee.

Foxconn apparently has paid out roughly $44,000 USD to Danyong's family, and gave Danyong's girlfriend an Apple MacBook. Shockingly, while visiting Foxconn, a journalist was threatened to be beaten up by two men wearing Foxconn shirts and a guard if he continued to ask Danyong's family questions.

As for Apple, representatives from the company indicated to reporters that it is currently awaiting the the investigation results in order to determine the appropriate action.

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  • omnimodis78
    They gave Danyong's girlfriend an Apple MacBook, so I don't see what the problem is. MY GOD! Somebody at foxconn had to come up with a plan to compensate the girlfriend, and the best thing they could come up with was a cheap macbook. Isn't that insulting? Imagine you died as a result of mental stress from work, and your company gave your significant other a laptop. Oh, this World.... For all that it's worth, I hope this gentleman has found peace, and that his family and loved ones can remain strong and get through this.
  • pwndcake
    Sun Danyong's girlfriend was in the market for a computer that was worth as much as a human life. We told her - you find it, you keep it.
  • brendano257
    MacBook to compensate for his life? That's great.
  • Other Comments
  • Homeboy2
    they gave his girlfriend a macbook so they made up for it.
  • magicandy
    Now where did I put that grain of salt....
  • starhoof
    So apple stuff is made by foxcon.... dosent apple claims that parts are made by them also "parts and software are both made by apple, so they work together" hmmmm.... so OS is only different think in their computers, they just charging a sh!tload for those crappy parts ???