iPhone Users Receiving Settlement Checks for Antennagate

You might remember Apple's iPhone 4 launch and the debacle that was 'Antennagate.' The phone's new antenna design meant that holding the phone in a certain (and fairly common) way meant decreased signal and even dropped calls. Apple fixed the issue by offering every iPhone 4 owner a free bumper case that would protect the antenna from human interference. However, not everyone wanted to use a case or bumper with their phone and Apple finally settled with unsatisfied customers last year.

Last March, Apple agreed that those unhappy with the offer of a free bumper should get $15 for their troubles. Users had to file with iphone4settlement.com. Now, users are finally getting their checks in the mail. The Unofficial Apple Weblog reports that settlement checks have started arriving for qualifying iPhone 4 users. iPhone users will have until July 16 to cash their checks.

Unfortunately, if you didn't take the initiative to file, you're not going to see any check.

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  • tim1935
    A $600 phone and you only get $15???
  • happyballz
    3 years later...
  • Unolocogringo
    Anonymous said:
    Whoa, whoa, whoa... Are you lot really THAT dumb you don't even know how to spell cheque? You get PAID for this job?

    Don't know where you are from, but the US spelling is "check".
    Now who is the dumb one?
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  • tim1935
    A $600 phone and you only get $15???
  • Benthon
    Don't spend it all in one place