Nine Intel Processors Scheduled for Retirement

Not long ago, Intel had scheduled a number of CPUs for retirement; now we have another list. This time, there  are two Ivy Bridge CPUs along with seven Bay Trail units.

To start off, the Core i7-3840QM along with the Core i7-3740QM are being retired. They can still be ordered until August 22 and will ship until February 6, 2015.

The Celeron 2810, N805, J1850, and J1750 will be available until the same dates as the above Ivy Bridge units.

Lastly, the Pentium N3510, Pentium J2850, and Celeron N2910 will be available for order until February 21, and will ship until April 25, 2014.

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  • Bay Trail is already being discontinued? Wow, that was quick!
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  • Worst naming conventions ever not to mention Celeron has managed to confuse the loyal (why?) intel user base. I wonder if will cause prices to increase on non-retired CPU's.
  • Gpu processing power will take over cpu. In fact it's already happening.