Here's a Leaked Picture of the Nexus 5

If you're among those that don't care about the Galaxy Note 3, or the LG G2, or the iPhone 5S because you're waiting for the Nexus 5, we've got something for you. The picture below is the latest leaked image of the yet-to-be-confirmed Nexus 5.


This photo stems from the MacRumors forums where user Weespeed seems wary that Google will catch him leaking details of the phone. He posted the picture above in response to requests for more information on the phone.

"I wish i could," the poster writes, adding that the phone's boot screen asks the user to guard the phone carefully. "Google is sneaky and has ways to see where the leaks come from. They are funny too. When the phone started up it needs to be updated. Some experimental software stuff and it says you need to guard it like a ninja."

Though it doesn't tell us much, it does give us a closer and clearer look at the Nexus 5. The phone is rumored to be the largest Nexus phone yet, with a screen measuring more than 5 inches. There's also talk of a Snapdragon 800 chipset, 2GB of RAM and, of course, KitKat.

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  • eddieroolz
    Doesn't really reveal much except the glass back seems to be gone.
  • tipoo
    My Nexus S is very much on its last legs. I've been holding out for the 5 (snapdragon 800 is a very large boost from the S4 Pro in the N4, even though *anything* is a MASSIVE boost from my single core Cortex A8. Also the Nexus 4 throttles the processor too quick, hope that's fixed). If it's still the same 300 dollars less than other flagships that the 4 was, I'm definitely getting it. I don't really care if it continues to have a camera and battery life worse than the flagships like GS4 or 5S, screw paying 650 for a high end smartphone when the Nexii are 85% as good for half the price.
  • beta tester
    I've also got an older Nexus S, so I'm looking keenly at the upcoming Nexus 5 (though we don't know if that will be its name)

    I thought the Samsung Note 3 looked good, until I found out about the region blocking that Samsung put on it.

    That actually makes the Nexus 5 even more appealing, because it is unlocked and unblocked. You don't get those silly hassles on a Nexus.