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Samsung May Reveal Curved "Galaxy Round" Smartphone

By - Source: PhoneArena | B 28 comments

Samsung's curvy Galaxy Round may actually be a limited edition, world-wide release.

Hot on the heels of LG confirming that it has entered mass production of 6 inch curved smartphone displays, the Korean media reports that Samsung is expected to reveal its "Galaxy Round" smartphone possibly this week. Samsung is pushing to be the first company to produce a smartphone with a plastic-based OLED flexible screen instead of glass, making the device more durable and cheaper to produce.

Sources in Korea report that the specs of Samsung's upcoming curvy phone will be similar to the Galaxy Note 3, hence the number of rumors surrounding new and different versions of the Note 3 device. This device will also reportedly be produced in limited numbers, so the price tag may be higher than the Note 3 if it supports the S-Pen.

The Korean media also reports that Samsung Display is already mass producing 5.7 inch flexible OLED displays and supplying them to Samsung Electronics. The panel will offer a Full HD resolution, measure only 0.12 mm thin, weigh 5.2 grams, and have a curvature radius of 400 mm. By comparison, LG's panel will supposedly be 6 inches and measure a thicker 0.44 mm.

Oled-info reports that Samsung's flexible OLEDs are being produced at the company's 5.5-Gen line. Currently, this line has a capacity of about 8,000 sheets per month, which is around 1 million 5 inch panels at 100 percent yields. But given that Samsung won't reach 100 percent yields and is producing 5.7 inch panels, the company is likely churning out hundreds of thousands of panels per month instead.

The Galaxy Round name seemingly implies that Samsung intends to release the limited edition phone outside South Korea as well. There's also speculation that the device could simply be a Galaxy Note 3 Special Edition model. The curved phone will supposedly be similar to the Youm prototypes showcased back in January during CES 2013, and was even spotted on a GFXBench benchmark with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC and Android 4.3 "Jelly Bean."

While Samsung's phone will supposedly be curved from side to side, LG's reported 6 inch G Flex will be curved from top to bottom. The flexible displays won't mean these gadgets will be bendable, but will instead enable these new, unique form factors. Eventually, flexible OLEDs will give way to mobile and wearable gadgets that take on more "natural," ergonomic designs than current "boxy" devices.

UPDATE: Added the "leaked" image provided by @evleaks

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    nevilence , October 8, 2013 6:11 PM
    I think the development of this kind of tech is smart and furute products will be very cool. However this phone sounds pointless, I cant see why I would want a curved screen on my phone. On wearable tech, sure, on a phone, WTF?
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    vinhn , October 8, 2013 6:37 PM
    Yeah, don't really get why one would need a curve phone. For better on ear placement? Anyway, it is still good to see we are inspiring for new ideas.
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    Pgooch , October 8, 2013 6:42 PM
    ehh it would fit the back pocket better only use i could see
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    Shankovich , October 8, 2013 6:43 PM
    Must have been hell for the engineering team in charge for the PCB layouts (I'm guessing they used multiple ones since you can't curve chips...yet). If the phone will be as curved as that picture, that'd be awesome!
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    wemakeourfuture , October 8, 2013 6:44 PM

    You know nothing about computer architecture (hardware & software) if you think just because a Samsung smartphone has more ram that it will run circles around an iPhone.

    Optimization of operating system to hardware is unmatched with Apple products because they fully create both ends and can optimize that not Android or Windows phone can. So they don't need more RAM to achieve the same or better results.

    There operating system is set to run on very specific hardware which has its downsides but for a pure performance standout is unmatched. I can get into a lot more detail, but having more ram, or a bit faster CPU or graphics won't mean it will actually achieve better results.
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    brandonjclark , October 8, 2013 6:57 PM
    Cheaper to produce, same cost!
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    wemakeourfuture , October 8, 2013 7:02 PM
    Marketshare is not the only metric in business. And you clearly don't understand business.

    Should Mercedes and BMW stop making cars because GM has more marketshare? Should Gucci and Prada stop making clothes because Gap has more marketshare?

    Marketshare is skewed because it takes all phones, dumb and smartphones. And what's the margins on most of the cheap/crappy iPhones sold in India/China/Brazil/Russia? Those millions sold in those countries aren't the flagship Android phones but crap like Ace 3 and worse.

    Look at margins, profit, increase in profit.
    There's a reason why Apple's marketcap is larger than all the Android vendors put together, even with some of them not having smartphones as their core revenue generator.

    ie. Apple's marketcap is bigger than (Samsung + HTC + LG + Sony + ...)

    Your point about it still having "more ram" than Apple shows you know nothing about computer architecture.

    Also, funny how you're saying Apple is copying Google with Android, when Android was a complete copy of iOS.

    Number 1 phone is debatable, I can make a case for millions of people iPhone 5S is the absolutely best phone. And I can make the case that the S4 or Note 3 is the best phone for others.
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    Shankovich , October 8, 2013 7:35 PM
    @ AppleGoingDown screw off you retarded troll, wow. Something tells me you're actually not a troll and are just so biased it hurts though. The amount of ram doesn't affect speed, its clock rate does. 1 MB of DDR3-1866 would be faster than 8 GB of DDR3-1600. If you're going to argue on a tech site, at least know a thing or two -_-
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    Shankovich , October 8, 2013 7:35 PM
    @ AppleGoingDown screw off you retarded troll, wow. Something tells me you're actually not a troll and are just so biased it hurts though. The amount of ram doesn't affect speed, its clock rate does. 1 MB of DDR3-1866 would be faster than 8 GB of DDR3-1600. If you're going to argue on a tech site, at least know a thing or two -_-
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    Shankovich , October 8, 2013 7:36 PM
    Damn it Tom's, would it hurt to fix this multi-post issue, as well as the bots?????
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    Da_Man , October 8, 2013 8:18 PM
    Meh... Samsung is the enemy now... especially with their forced Region Lock on Unlocked Phone...

    What the points buying unlocked phone when you cant use another sim card in another country...which many has done so, especially when traveling... using local sim card is cheaper than using their home sim card (roaming charge)

    and samsung will bring this region lock not just to new phone but to Galaxy S III, S4, Note II, and S4 Mini as well using OTA Updates...

    Shame Toms don't have article about this.
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    Darkk , October 8, 2013 8:53 PM
    Looks like it's been in the sun too long and it curved. I do understand that Samsung was trying to show off the flexibility of AMOLED screen but this is not the way to do it.
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    nevilence , October 8, 2013 9:00 PM
    This thread has been upgraded to a comedy
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    nevilence , October 8, 2013 9:02 PM
    Looks like it's been in the sun too long and it curved. I do understand that Samsung was trying to show off the flexibility of AMOLED screen but this is not the way to do it.

    haha, someone in the design team left their none curved version on the dash of the car on a hot day, came back and claimed the melted remains as his genius.
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    wemakeourfuture , October 8, 2013 9:13 PM

    - performance on SD cards are trash compared to flash memory, Apple has standards in which data is to be access on their device. Having super slow and crappy 3rd party SD cards people put in are part of the reason why they don't want to bother with SD Cards

    -Android marketshare that you brag about are low-end phones, their highend smartphones have numbers that are parallel with Apple's. Apple only makes flagship, premium smartphones, compare Android numbers to Apple's and you'll see the numbers are very close.

    - Windows is dominant on laptops and computers. But when you compare pure units sold by the various manufacturers (Sony, Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, Acer, Asus, etc.) the largest manufacturer isn't make more money nor pushing way more units than Apple

    - You've made ZERO compelling reasons why you think Apple is lower than Android. I can show you 100 Android phones that are complete ass and don't compare to Apple's offerings. Nor do you even illustrate how Apple is worst than flagship Android phones.

    You're the one bringing up marketshare and the business side of things, which us useless to consumers. When I clearly illustrate how dumb your point is, you then shift to say customers don't care about profit, revenue, etc. So why even mention marketshare and the business side of things?

    Ok, you want to talk about customers then? Why is the iPhone the number 1 selling electronic product in human history? Why has there been no phone ever on Android to have selling numbers to there Apple competitor? Last time I checked Apple sold 9 million phones on a weekend. From the original iPhone to the iPhone 5S the numbers blow away any single flagship Android phone from Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, etc.

    Android OS, the actually history of it, is a rip-off of iOS. Know your history. Do not list me new features of Android, unless you understand the history of Android, please remain silent.

    Android has 64-bit baked in LOL that's your argument? Apple has the first 64-bit CPU in a smartphone, are you even kidding on this. There actual hardware and operating system works for 64-bit, Android is late on this. Please do tell me a commercially available smartphone with the fingerprint scanner.

    No Android manufacturer except Samsung is even doing well in the phone market from a profit standpoint. Apparently you know Apple is inflated 2.5X, then put your entire life-savings shorting Apple. Lets see how well you'll do.

    P.S. Reasons why an iPhone is better:
    - 3 years of product update without having to hack or void warranty
    - get updates on 0 day, without having to hack or void warranty
    - no carrier or manufacturer bloatware
    - less malware
    - better build quality
    - Apple store, actual place and people to get a phone fixed even after warranty. No B.S. about shipping and paying shipping to get a phone fixed, or going to some "authorized" dealer in some random place
    - best customer service in the market
    - quick, seamless transition to new device
    - more apps, better apps, first to release, first to update on iOS
    - iMessage is out of the box, great for international travel
    - FaceTime, out of the box, video calling and even voice only (wifi/data, great for travel)
    - straight forward synching with Microsoft
    - way better resale value

    Reasons to choose a flagship Android (S4)
    - larger screen
    - removable battery
    - expandable storage (far slower than flash however)
    - more budget friendly (ie. cheaper than equivalent iPhone)
    - more customizations

    For many, iPhone is perfect, for some Android.

    Get a life, they're phones, worst part is you know nothing about what you're saying. From a business, hardware, software and history point of view.

    My advice, read and learn.
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    Da_Man , October 8, 2013 9:15 PM

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – SIM limitations

    Both of these statements would signify that if you purchase a Note 3 from Clove and activate it within a compatible territory, you can still travel and insert a SIM from a non supported territory without limitation.

    We now reiterate that our own experience and that of our customers and colleagues contradicts these statements. As a direct result of what we have learned, we will therefore not be allowing shipments outside of the compatible territories, without the express consent of the customer who we have ensured is aware of the regional lock limitations.


    There is a reason why Toms didn't cover what you just posted, what you said is false!

    quote from article:

    The reason for the regional lock is to ensure that devices aren’t being imported between regions illegally. However, this does not mean that you cannot use another SIM card in the phone while abroad.

    For instance, if you purchase a Note 3 in the UK and put a foreign SIM card in it, then it will lock and will need to be sent to a service centre to get unlocked. However, if you put a UK SIM card into the Note 3 first, then it will recognise that it is a UK SIM card in a UK model ad wont lock. Then, if you go abroad, you can still use a foreign SIM card in it.

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    adimeister , October 8, 2013 9:33 PM
    Oh man that would feel comfy in the pockets. The curvature would follow your leg. hahaha
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    ira176 , October 8, 2013 9:46 PM
    My take on this is purely to make as much profit using the cheapest method or material as possible (not like companies don't do that already). Since plastic isn't as hard as glass it I believe the curve was not so much a "look at this flashy new design" as, it had to be done this way in order to prevent the plastic screen from getting scratched up as easily. Think of it this way, if you set your modern flat glass screen phone face down on anything over a period of time, it is more resilient and likely won't scratch as much or as easily. Now try that with a flat plastic screen phone, and it's obvious, the phone was designed to avoid damaging the screen by keeping the screen from contacting other surfaces, rather than to impress with it's new design.
    Also the curved plastic screen phone won't look as nice in your back pocket, and i'm sure it will break that much quicker if you forget it's there and sit on it.
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    joe nate , October 8, 2013 10:20 PM
    As much as I don't want to get into this pointless flame war, I will point out one thing:

    "Android is based off of Linux. iOS is based off of OS X. What on earth are you talking about?"

    OSX is based off Unix and some parts FreeBSD
    iOS is based off Darwin OS
    Darwin OS is based off BSD
    FreeBSD is based off of Unix
    BSD is based off Unix.
    Android is based off Linux.
    Linux is based off Unix.

    Therefore both android AND iOS are both distantly related to the same cousin Unix. Everyone inspires everyone. They all implement things differently (and that's why there's different branches of operating systems). When something sells, others try to copy it. Apple does it (and they call it innovation). Makers of Android do it (Samsung, for example,, calls it the next big thing). If you create your product in a vacuum, it most likely will fail if you don't respond to consumer's desires, which including asking "What are my competitors doing right?"
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    Cons29 , October 8, 2013 10:24 PM
    i dont like the phone, but the technology has potential imo.
    they just have to think of better ways to use it
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