QOTD: Did You Ever Fry Your PC by Overclocking?

Everyone wants to get the most for their money. This is no exception to Tom's Hardware readers.

Granted, a good number of Tom's Hardware readers also overclock their computers. From the CPU to GPU to RAM, they're all designed to operate normally within a certain frequency range. However, with the right cooling, and voltage, these components can easily be pushed higher.

In some cases however, bad things happen and something starts to smell bad. Hopefully, this hasn't happened to you, but...

The question of the day is: Did you every fry your CPU, GPU, memory or other things by overclocking?

If so, what were you doing and how far were you pushing your components?

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  • nukemaster
    Not yet, but i am still working on it.
  • lucuis
    Can't say I have, but there is always that risk.
  • jefreynnv
    nothing yet
    I hope I don't have to experience one.
    how would I claim warranty for burned processor?