$1 Million Saints Row IV Special Edition Includes Trip to Space

Deep Silver UK is currently promoting a special edition like no other for Saints Row IV. Dubbed the 'Saints Row IV Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition,' the package includes the game itself (obviously) as well as a number of other over the top offerings. These include a week in Dubai, spy training and a trip to space. Seriously.


The package is listed exclusively through Game.co.uk and is priced at a million dollars. There is only one available and it won't be released until August 23. Though it's listed on Game's website, interested parties will actually have to email makemeasaint@deepsilver.com to secure the sale. The total package includes:

  • Saints Row IV: The Commander in Chief Edition
  • A spot on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic space flight
  • A full-size replica dubstep gun
  • Plastic surgery (on what is unclear)
  • A personal shopper
  • First class flights and seven nights at the Royal suite at the Burj-Al-Arab hotel in Dubai
  • First class flights and a week-long stay at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC for two
  • A Toyota Prius and one year of insurance
  • Lamborghini Gallardo (for Sundays, or when the Prius gets dull, we guess)
  • A spy training day (again, no elaboration on that one)
  • A capsule wardrobe (???)
  • A "hostage rescue experience"
  • One year of Super Car membership

This package is absolutely absurd but the price isn't actually all that crazy when you look at the contents. That trip to space and the Laborghini alone would set you back roughly $400,000 (maybe more, depending on your Laborghini preferences). That suite at the Burj-Al-Arab hotel costs roughly $20,000 a night. The only thing we'd be worried about is the "hostage rescue experience." Then again, it's probably just a chance for you to use the skills you earned at your spy training day. After all, you wouldn't want to feel like you never put those skills to use, would you?

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  • acadia11
    Anonymous said:
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    And yet, she still can't afford this game edition.
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  • acadia11
    It's good to be the king!
  • acadia11
    It's good to be the king!
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