Black Galaxy S III Appears on UK Website, Up for Pre-order

When Samsung's Galaxy S III launched earlier this year, the phone was available in two colours: ceramic white and pebble blue. Not too long ago, AT&T got an exclusive red version of the phone, and rumours began doing the rounds that a black model was in the pipeline. It's not yet clear if this black model will be exclusive to any one network (or market), but it looks like the UK might be getting it.

Crave points to a pre-order listing that phone retailer has posted on its website. According to the listing, Mobile-Fun will have black Galaxy S3 in stock in 4-6 weeks. Priced at £499.99 or $785, this is a SIM-free version of the phone, and the specs indicate that it's the international version with a quad-core CPU (the U.S. model features a dual-core processor and extra RAM).


This looks promising for fans eager to get their hands on a black GSIII but the listing seems to be a bit hot and cold. Crave writes that the listing had a photo of the GSIII alongside it but that this picture was then removed. Additionally, Mobile-Fun told Crave that the image on the page was 'found' rather than provided by Samsung. At the moment, there is a photo of the phone, but it's not clear where it came from. Samsung told Crave it doesn't comment on speculation or rumours.

Specswise, expect the same GSIII we saw at launch but in a different colour. This includes a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED 1280 x 720 display; a quad-core Exynos processor; 1GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel camera on the back with a 1.9-megpixel affair up front; and Android 4.0 with Samsung's TouchWiz UI on top, and new gesture functions to improve navigation. Depending on the region, there's either HSPA+ or LTE support.

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  • house70
    Hmmm. They should have offered this option from the launch. Can't be too difficult to make a black case. I was close of buying one, but the choice of colors put me off. Now, I will just wait for the next Nexus.
    Just my 2 pence; the phone itself is still great, best phone money can buy ATM.
  • saturnus
    They probably had marked analysis saying that the peppermint and pearly versions would sell the most for the initial launch as it would set it more apart compared to "just another black phone".
  • back_by_demand
    house70Hmmm. They should have offered this option from the launch. Can't be too difficult to make a black case

    Easier in fact
    Apple had a black case from launch for the iPhone 3G and it took ice-ages for the white case to come out
    Maybe Samsung did the white case first and black case second to prove they weren't copying Apple again, seeing as Apple has patented the white case / black case release order, mkay...