Inside the BMW-designed Thermaltake Case

We first got an eyes-on the BMW-designed Thermaltake PC case during CeBit and we liked the way it looked. Instead of just having one giant box for all the computer components to breathe the same air, the Level 10 separates everything inside a case into four parts -- the PSU, optical drives, hard disk drives and one for the CPU and expansion cards. Still, we didn’t know exactly how things worked on the inside or how it would circulate air for cooling.

Today we got an opportunity to go hands-on with it. Each compartment, including each drive bay, has its own cooling with a fan on the bottom and a fan on top. As expected, it’s not the most easy-access or mod-friendly case, but it still looks pretty cool.

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  • dragonfang18
    if it is not expensive, then I think I will look into buying one.
  • kezix_69
    Brilliant. Make it $150 or less and I'll buy one!
  • Relayer
    Dusting it will be a bit of a pain, with all the separate parts and tight spaces to get into. It definitely looks cool though and should perform well.