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Nexus - Page 4


The Nexus is Google's premier mobile device, designed to show off the latest features of each iteration of its Android operating system. Learn how to get the most out of your current Nexus device, or learn about the direction the next generation Nexus devices are heading, here at Tom's Hardware.

news - OCTOBER 17 6

The Pure Google Android tablet finding many homes in the UK.

news - OCTOBER 12 17

LG's Nexus 4's first photoshoot?

news - OCTOBER 12 22

Apple dealt further legal blow against bitter rival.

news - OCTOBER 12 5

Clear image of unannounced smartphone also leaked.

news - OCTOBER 9 24

Is Google planning another tablet.

news - OCTOBER 5 12

Google is reportedly extending its Nexus brand to more than one smartphone as part of its promise not to offer preferential treatment to Motorola.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 14

Just in time for the holiday rush.

news - AUGUST 1 12

Google wants to spend more time working on the Nexus Q's features.

news - JUNE 13 0

Here's your daily dose of deals to make your Wednesday afternoon go by a little bit faster.

news - MAY 30 4

A benchmark result on Rightware's Power Board points to an Asus-made Google tablet.

news - MARCH 25 48

The father of the internet sees the end of the road for Google.

news - FEBRUARY 16 53

Sorry Apple, that name is taken.

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