AMD Ryzen 8000 Hawk Point APU Powers New Windows AI Tablet

Minisforum V3
Minisforum V3 (Image credit: Minisforum)

Compact PC manufacturer Minisforum has expanded the company's product portfolio to tablets. The brand has unveiled the Minisforum V3, an upcoming 2-in-1 Windows tablet powered by one of AMD's Ryzen 8000 (Hawk Point) processors.

AMD hasn't shown any roadmaps with Hawk Point on it. The current rumor on the street is that Hawk Point is a 4nm mobile APU with Zen 4 cores and RDNA 3.5 graphics. If you're unfamiliar with AMD's existing Ryzen offerings, AMD utilizes a similar recipe for its current Ryzen 7040 (Phoenix) processors. This suggests that Hawk Point could be a simple refresh of Phoenix but with improved graphics. Phoenix leverages RDNA 3 cores, while Hawk Point reportedly has RDNA 3.5 cores. Therefore, Hawk Point's core specifications should be similar to Phoenix's. We expect a monolithic design that maxes out at eight Zen 4 cores and up to 12 RDNA 3.5 cores.

The Minisforum V3 press release lends some credence to the Hawk Point rumors. According to the vendor, Hawk Point is a 22W to 28W chip that belongs in AMD's U-series category. Although Minisforum was careful not to leak any details, the Minisforum V3 potentially uses a Ryzen 8040U series, which would be the successor to the Ryzen 7040U series. Phoenix's Ryzen AI engine will transition to Hawk Point, allowing the Minisforum V3 to exploit the AI features baked into the Windows operating system.

Minisforum V3 Specifications

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ProcessorAMD Hawk Point 22-28W
Ports2 x USB 4, 1 x 3.5mm Audio Jack, 1 x SD UHS-II, 1 x Type-C DP-in Only
ConnectivityWi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2
FingerprintPower button integration
Display14-inch, QHD+, 165 Hz
Speaker2 x high speakers, 2 x low speakers
Camera2M Front, Windows Hello, 5M Rear
Battery≥ 50Wh
SecurityFingerprint, Windows Hello
StylusMPP2.0, 4,096 Pressure Level

Minisforum revealed the preliminary specifications and renders for the Minisforum V3, which should only be used for reference — the final specifications and design could vary a bit. Although the manufacturer didn't specify the quantity, the Minisforum V3's Ryzen 8000 APU will be accompanied by LPDDR5-6400 memory. Minisforum didn't specify the storage capabilities of the tablet.

The Minisforum V3 is a 14-inch touchscreen with a QHD+ resolution, meaning 2,960 x 1,440 pixels. It flaunts a high refresh rate of 165 Hz for a buttery smooth viewing and gaming experience. Minisforum armed the tablet with four low and two high speakers for a captivating audio experience. 

There are two high-resolution cameras onboard. A two-megapixel camera serves as the webcam with Windows Hello support, while the five-megapixel snapper is at the rear. The power button also functions as a fingerprint reader.

The Minisforum supports a detachable keyboard and MPP2.0 Stylus pen with 4,096 pressure levels.

The device's lengthy list of ports includes two USB 4 ports, one 3.5mm audio jack, a super-fast SD UHS-II card reader, and one USB Type-C port with DP-in support only. Wireless connectivity comes in the shape of Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2. Minisforum plans to equip the tablet with a battery capacity of 50Wh or higher, so the device should be able to get you through the day, depending on how power-efficient Hawk Point is.

Minisforum didn't reveal the pricing or availability for the Minisforum V3. Since the vendor is highlighting the usage of AMD's Ryzen 8000 Hawk Point chip, it's reasonable to expect the Minisforum V3 will launch around the same time as the Ryzen mobile APUs.

Zhiye Liu
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  • gggplaya
    What kind of storage drive can it take? Hopefully a 2280 or two 2230's.
  • deesider
    I've been looking to replace my old surface pro. This could be a good option now that Microsoft has apparently given up on AMD.

    The pictures don't suggest that the storage is user replaceable though. A bit of a departure from Minisforum's bare-bones roots.
  • ottonis
    "There are two high-resolution cameras onboard. A two-megapixel camera serves as the webcam with Windows Hello support, while the five-megapixel snapper is at the rear."

    Fairly liberal use of the term "high-resoution" in order to describe 2 and 5 MP cameras. Well, 15 years ago, 5 Mpix was indeed considered "high-resolution", but the earth kept on rotating since then, didn't it?
  • Amdlova
    On this rate of amd launching cpus will destroy the own market. Can't find one device in my country with the 7040u and now have the 80xx line. Next month will have the 9xxx
  • kealii123
    Man I'd kill for an 11 inch version of this, even if it has to be throttled down for thermals/battery.