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Servers provide the reliability and power necessary to handle many users at once. Tom’s Hardware can help you find the server technology to fit your needs, from modest SOHO servers to “big iron.”

news - JANUARY 31 50

This year Intel's 'Brickland' platform is to arrive, starting with Ivy Bridge-EX and continuing on to Haswell-EX and later Broadwell-EX server CPUs.

news - JANUARY 25 11

Up to 50 base stations to be utilized, as well as 200 "user devices".

news - JANUARY 22 55

Nvidia wants to release a GK110 based graphics card for consumers, codenamed 'Titan'. The GK110 GPU is currently used solely in workstation professional graphics cards.

news - JANUARY 18 3

HP has no plans to sell its core assets.

news - JANUARY 17 11

Dell is reportedly interested in accepting a management buyout offer at a price of $13 to $14 per share, which would put the purchase price of the company into a range of $22 to $25 billion.

news - JANUARY 16 25

Kim Dotcom has scored another victory in ongoing legal proceedings against Megaupload.

news - JANUARY 15 13

Dell has seen its share price jump by more than 20 percent on speculation that the company may be in negotiations to be bought out by a private equity firm.

news - JANUARY 13 29

Watson acquired a bit of a foul mouth after absorbing the contents of Urban Dictionary.

news - JANUARY 13 22

The European Parliament published a new study prepared by the Centre D'Etudes Sur Les Conflits and the Centre for European Policy Studies that raises concerns of cloud data surveillance.

news - JANUARY 8 19

Enables 3D gaming that can render graphics directly to the cloud.

news - DECEMBER 20 32

Kim Dotcom is tweeting the progress of the buildup of his new sharehosting service Mega.

news - DECEMBER 13 4

Fujitsu, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) and NEC announced that they created a joint research effort to develop the world's "top-level, 400 Gbps/channel-class digital coherent optical...

news - DECEMBER 11 8

Intel today introduced the Atom S1200 SoC series, which is designed for integration with micro-servers.

news - DECEMBER 2 15

Security software maker has released an analysis of a rootkit that recently showed up on the Full Disclosure mailing list.

news - NOVEMBER 15 16

The world's most prestigious supercomputers are usually spotlighted in the Top500 list of the world's fastest systems.

news - NOVEMBER 13 54

Replaces Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Sequoia at the top spot.

reviews - NOVEMBER 12 70

After eight years of development, Intel is finally ready to announce its Xeon Phi Coprocessor, which is derived from the company's work with Larrabee. Although the architecture came up short as a 3D graphics...

news - NOVEMBER 12 24

Cray unveiled its Cascade supercomputer architecture, one of the first to support Intel's upcoming Xeon Phi accelerators.

news - NOVEMBER 9 25

Intel released the 32 nm generation of its Itanium processor series, now known as the 9500-series.

news - NOVEMBER 9 15

The National Center For Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) has opened its Blue Waters system to the science community.

news - OCTOBER 30 70

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has unveiled a new monstrous supercomputer flagship.

news - OCTOBER 30 16

Researchers at Princeton University claim to have developed a new method to reliably read and transfer quantum information.

news - OCTOBER 23 13

Apple is checking off the rumors at its event in San Francisco.

news - OCTOBER 18 8

Google is not known for especially talkative about the inside of its data centers.

news - OCTOBER 18 18

Kaspersky Lab is developing an operating system for "critically important" installations.

news - OCTOBER 12 19

It's a battle of quarterly reports regarding who is actually commanding the PC market in 3Q12.

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