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Servers - Page 6


Servers provide the reliability and power necessary to handle many users at once. Tom’s Hardware can help you find the server technology to fit your needs, from modest SOHO servers to “big iron.”

news - MARCH 1 38

The more cores the better!

news - FEBRUARY 19 70

Intel's "Westmere-EX" Xeon processor is expected to ship during this half of 2011.

news - FEBRUARY 17 62

It's not self aware... yet.

news - FEBRUARY 9 49

IBM will be building a 750,000 core supercomputer for the DOE's Argonne National Library.

news - JANUARY 29 40

A 16-core Atom in Microsoft's servers could possibly maintain the current level of performance but consume less energy.

news - JANUARY 27 16

IBM will be building a massive cloud computing data center in China, which will be the largest center of its kind in Asia.

picture story - JANUARY 17 19

Designing next-generation adapters able to deliver speeds of 10 gigabit and beyond is one thing. But the world literally depends on making sure those NICs work all the time under every possible condition. Step...

news - JANUARY 14 45

A medical server was compromised to host a Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer server.

reviews - DECEMBER 22 14

IT professionals often perceive the cloud as insecure as or less secure than having their apps living inside their own data centers. But perceptions don't necessarily match reality. We run through some of the...

reviews - DECEMBER 22 0

I will show you four different ways to connect to your collection of virtual servers in the cloud.

reviews - DECEMBER 22 1

Virtualization, along with cloud computing, is becoming the new way to provide redundant services formerly enabled by clustering, and as such is making it more affordable and within the reach of businesses...

reviews - DECEMBER 19 5

The notion of a hybrid cloud is gaining traction. These are virtual services that run in various locations to deliver applications that can make use of a combination of public clouds and private hosted servers,...

reviews - DECEMBER 10 1

Verizon has myriad small, medium and enterprise business-related cloud services, everything from the mundane process of making backups to more sophisticated collections of virtual and even physical servers. In...

news - NOVEMBER 20 49

They sure can, but they probably don't.

news - NOVEMBER 18 43

A supercomputer using Windows HPC Server entered petaflop land.

news - NOVEMBER 3 64

Yes, it can.

news - OCTOBER 18 96

128 cores? Sadly, no.

news - OCTOBER 16 36

Serious business for these GPUs.

news - SEPTEMBER 30 43

10 petaflops... a lot of flops.

news - SEPTEMBER 28 11

The wrap up of GPU Technology Conference.

news - SEPTEMBER 27 100

Yes, Of Course More CPU Cores are Better!

news - SEPTEMBER 22 33

Sony's PlayStation team is looking for engineers with Android development experience fueling reports that the company is planning a PSP phone powered by Android.

news - SEPTEMBER 21 21

Microsoft is ready to take on Linux with this.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 78

Four of these together can render some really nice Wolfenstein graphics.

news - AUGUST 31 50

Larry Ellison Doesn’t Get Cloud Computing.

news - AUGUST 28 110

A man from Salt Lake City is facing charges after he got wasted and shot the server at work with a .45-caliber gun.