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Tablets - Page 7


Today’s tablets sport a variety of different hardware architectures and can come equipped with Windows, Android, or iOS. How are you supposed to know which combination is best? We get the latest tablets in our lab and test their speed, battery life, display quality, and usability for you.

news - DECEMBER 15 23

Users may be able to switch off the tiled interface.

news - DECEMBER 14 4

ARM is pushing for console-like graphics in the mobile arena.

news - DECEMBER 13 10

We won't see this tablet in North America until February.

news - DECEMBER 12 4

This compact drive has two connectors.

news - DECEMBER 12 3

The Galaxy Note 3 may soon get a younger brother.

news - DECEMBER 11 16

Google is now selling a Google Play Edition model of LG's G Pad 8.3 tablet.

news - DECEMBER 11 5

Dreaming of a white Nexus?

news - DECEMBER 9 11

Evidence in Android 4.4.1 indicates that screen mirroring is coming to Chromecast.

news - DECEMBER 8 9

The Bluetooth SIG has announced Bluetooth 4.1.

news - DECEMBER 8 9

Here's an interesting gadget for the holidays.

news - DECEMBER 7 54

Android is the best present you can give an iOS device owner.

news - DECEMBER 7 38

Here's a chance to get a good deal on an 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet.

news - DECEMBER 5 3

Is Asus jumping on the 'mini' smartphone trend?

news - DECEMBER 5 13

Looks like Acer's new 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet is delayed.

news - DECEMBER 4 9

BitLocker is causing issues with some Surface 2 owners after updating.

news - DECEMBER 4 14

HP quietly launched three tablets using Nvidia's Tegra SoCs.

news - DECEMBER 3 12

Android KitKat marketshare is already creeping up.

news - DECEMBER 3 33

No swearing or talking about geeks!

news - DECEMBER 2 10

The iPad Air might be 'magical,' but the Kindle Fire is lighter, features a sharper display, and costs less money.

news - NOVEMBER 29 16

One of Apple's suppliers is working on the 12.9-inch screen.

news - NOVEMBER 29 6

Odin will likely appear in the successor to LG's G2 and G Pad tablet.

news - NOVEMBER 28 12

Foxconn plans to expand its Pennsylvania facility by hiring on 500 workers to manufacture products.

news - NOVEMBER 26 17

Microsoft plans to release an update to fix unnecessary screen dimming.

news - NOVEMBER 24 9

This dual-mode laptop can bend over backwards for you.

news - NOVEMBER 24 10

Nokia is expected to have an 8-inch tablet next quarter.

news - NOVEMBER 22 19

Foxconn will likely manufacture high-end devices in the United States.