Driving a Business Revolution with Object and Parallel Storage for Data Lake, AI and Large-Scale Workloads

Supermicro Storage Summit Session 6
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The explosion of AI is further heightening demand for storage performance and capacity as organizations feed models and databases with unprecedented amounts of data, meaning the next generation of storage technologies will need to deliver even greater performance, density and capacity than ever before.

Supermicro's fourth annual Open Storage Summit brings together leading storage experts from across the industry including drive manufacturers, compute components manufacturers, software developers and of course Supermicro's industry leading system architects to discuss the latest in storage technologies and how they will solve tomorrow's data challenges from the data center right out to the intelligent edge.

This year’s Summit includes a roundtable keynote session followed by five focus sessions, with guests from the storage industry's leading players including Intel®, AMD, NVIDIA, Micron, Kioxia, Solidigm, and Samsung, as well as Supermicro’s storage software partners. 

New Innovations For Storage Performance

Data has become the oil that lubricates the business innovation engine. In recent years, road conditions have led organizations to race to object storage services in the cloud to support revving up AI and massive-scale data workloads. However, as organizations review their cloud fuel bill, many are turning to traditional spinning storage to drive their AI-accelerated muscle applications with more freedom and at a lower cost.

Supermicro Storage Summit Session 6 speakers

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Data-guzzling AI and other data-intensive workloads, such as data lakes, have been gasoline for the cloud migration fire, but as these workloads become increasingly business-critical, the time has come to consider on-premises object storage as an alternative to cloud storage. 

Such a migration doesn’t come without challenge, however, and organizations need to enter this arena with a clear understanding of the potential potholes that may run across. Moreover, as newer kinds of workloads enter the race, assessing their performance profiles is critical to ensuring that the data-centric business innovation engine remains finely tuned.

During this session, the audience will:

  • Learn why on-premises object storage is a viable alternative to cloud-based solutions and the most important considerations when making the move
  • Understand why traditional spinning disk storage still offers attractive benefits for large-scale on-prem storage needs.
  • Get an insight to how software defined storage solutions are able to maximize large scale object storage performance while minimizing TCO

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