Fire Up Your Mission Critical Applications: Accelerating vSAN with Next-Generation Storage Technologies

Supermicro Storage Summit
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The explosion of AI is further heightening demand for storage performance and capacity as organizations feed models and databases with unprecedented amounts of data, meaning the next generation of storage technologies will need to deliver even greater performance, density and capacity than ever before.

Supermicro's fourth annual Open Storage Summit brings together leading storage experts from across the industry including drive manufacturers, compute components manufacturers, software developers and of course Supermicro's industry leading system architects to discuss the latest in storage technologies and how they will solve tomorrow's data challenges from the data center right out to the intelligent edge.

This year’s Summit includes a roundtable keynote session followed by five focus sessions, with guests from the storage industry's leading players including Intel®, AMD, NVIDIA, Micron, Kioxia, Solidigm, and Samsung, as well as Supermicro’s storage software partners. 

New Innovations For Storage Performance

Supermicro Storage Summit Session 3 speakers

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There is an insatiable appetite to use AI to execute faster and bring new insights and innovations to industries to completely disrupt traditional business models, products and services. And feeding data-hungry AI training models requires a storage solution that has the performance to deliver. While many would just see a whirring server in the data center, a quick peek beneath that server’s lid reveals a comprehensive set of processor-integrated technologies and services that help vSAN go the extra mile for businesses around the world and turn ordinary business fare into delectable innovations that satisfy.

Combined with the simplicity and agility of vSAN, 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors bring significant performance improvements to even the most storage-intensive applications. When you add the Supermicro BigTwin® architecture to the recipe, you get an enviable ability to scalability vSAN environments without having to continually add more chefs to the IT payroll.

During this session, guests will: 

  • Learn why vSAN has grown so popular and how it’s been traditionally implemented
  • Discover how 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and vSAN unlock new potential for AI workloads and significant performance improvements over prior generations
  • Gain critical insight into why Supermicro’s BigTwin architecture is the ideal choice to maximize vSAN performance

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