Sony Working on a Chrome OS-Based VAIO

Sony is reportedly jumping on the Chrome OS bandwagon by offering a VAIO notebook/netbook sporting Google's upcoming operating system this summer. It will be based on the Tegra 2 platform and sport a keyboard similar to the one provided by Google's Chrome Cr-48 netbook released back in December 2010.

According to the report, the Chrome OS-based VAIO will feature an 11.6-inch LCD display with a 1366 x 768 native resolution, 1 GB of memory, a 16 GB electronic multimedia card (eMMC), an ultra-low power GeForce GPU, an 8-hour battery and wireless WAN. The overall dimensions will be less than an inch thick, a width of 11.7-inches, a depth of 21.5-cm and a weight of around 2.2 pounds. Bluetooth and GPS won't be available until after the first batch has landed in stores.

In addition to the Chrome OS notebook, Sony is supposedly working on a VAIO hybrid PC. On one hand, the thin-and-light notebook will sport an Intel Wireless Display, an internal SSD, an Intel i7 processor, Intel's Thunderbolt technology, HDMI output with 3D support, and a battery lasting from 8 to 16.5 hours. However the device seems to plug into a dock which offers additional hardware including a discrete GPU (AMD Whistler-XT with 1 GB VRAM), a Blu-ray burner, HDMI and VGA outputs, Ethernet and USB ports.

"Overall the notebook looks pleasing to eyes, aesthetically designed in its VAIO fashion, however we are not quite sure about the purpose of the second component. It again reminds me of a desktop model Sony marketed back in 2007 – VAIO RM series that featured a twin-unit form factor," Sony Insider reports.

So far Sony hasn't confirmed or denied both laptops, so stay tuned, as more is expected to be revealed around the time Google makes Chrome OS official.

  • Stardude82
    "2011: Year of the Linux Netbook" However, this will probably cost in excess of 2G's. You've better off just buying a MacBook air....
  • eddieroolz
    This sounds like the second coming of the original netbooks. Especially the 16GB memory card part.
  • netbook were good before each one came with windows 7.
    i think they will get a resurrection, and finally show the world that nobody want windows anymore
  • tomaz99
    Wow...less than an inch thick. These things will fly off the shelves.
  • nebun
    mayankleoboy1all these need os is crappy
  • Stardude82 os is crappy
    "Google OS" is a Linux distribution as is Android.
  • virtualban
    Stardude82"Google OS" is a Linux distribution as is Android.I would like the "off the cloud" experience ;)