Uh-Oh: Facebook Unveils Its First Real-Money Gambling App

If you thought virtual currency in child-friendly Facebook games was bad, things may be taking a turn for the worst over at Facebook UK.

London-based online gambling company Gamesys just unveiled a brand new Facebook app, Bingo Friendzy, officially the world's first real cash game on Facebook.

According to Facebook, only its UK members will be able to view/play the game. A spokesperson for the company stated,

"Real money gaming is a popular and well-regulated activity in the UK, and we are allowing a partner to offer their games to adult users on the Facebook platform in a safe and controlled manner."

Although the app will only allow users aged 18 and up to play the Bingo Friendzy games for cash prizes, critics are concerned the kid-friendly nature of the game may cause a bit of trouble for parents.

Facebook will use "age-gating" technology to keep "vulnerable people" and minors from viewing the app, but it definitely isn't unheard of for children to somehow rack up giant bills playing online games.

Luckily for any "age-gate" bypassing gambling addicted children out there, Gamesys is integrating an additional safeguard to combat gaming addiction. The company will give users access to self-help tools in order to set spending and gaming limitations. Hopefully this will be enough to prevent anybody from tragically gambling away all of their life savings... on Facebook.


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  • aftcomet
    Does anyone here partake in this? Honest question. I myself don't and I have a hard time picturing someone who does. If you're going to gamble at all I believe there are much better ways to do it.
  • mrmaia
    I completely understand FB moving towards real-money gambling, since it generates a ton of money and they need something to stop the stock bleeding. What I don't get is why this game looks so child-ish. If kids ain't allowed anyways, why not put a slick and casino-looking interface? It'd attract more players.

    FB is planning on a real-money poker game as well. Me and the entire poker player community are awaiting anxiously for it - the FarmVille players will get farmed for their cash :)
  • assasin32
    mrmaia Me and the entire poker player community are awaiting anxiously for it - the FarmVille players will get farmed for their cash

    My first though was why Bingo, bring out poker thats where a lot of the money is. And they have a freaking large user base, I would've though someone would have though of exploiting them this way a long time ago.