General Motors Researching HUD Windshields For The Elderly


Detroit (MI) - The windshield of the future could have lasers, infrared sensors and even cameras. General Motors is developing this high-tech windshield to help elderly drivers see the road and obstacles. Using a coating that lights up when hit with ultraviolet light, the windshield will enhance objects and mark the edges of the road.

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  • hannibal
    Nice, but it does not improve the reflexes of old people, and how about something that the sensors don't recognice and don't enchange. It reguires human to say what is relevant and what is not.
    But interesting in spite of my skeptisism!
  • TwoDigital
    We'll just have to start putting RFID tags on everything (our dogs, street signs, our rear bumpers, maybe our own foreheads?) :)
  • hannibal