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Is Samsung Planning a Galaxy S III Mini?

Samsung's already had huge success with its Galaxy S line of smartphones, and we're already hearing rumors regarding the launch of the Galaxy S IV. However, it seems Samsung may not be quite done with the Galaxy S III line just yet. Rumor has it Samsung is preparing to launch a Galaxy S III Mini later this month.

According to Unwired View, Samsung has invited German media to an event that boasts something that is both big and small. Google Translate decodes the message as follows: "The size may be small. And so small can be big." In the background, you can just about make out the trademark 'S' that Samsung uses in the branding for all of its Galaxy S products.

So, we know it's a Galaxy S device for sure, but speculation from around the web suggests this device might be a smaller version of Samsung's current top dog, the Galaxy S III. Of course, we won't know for sure until the event itself. Lucky for us, we don't have to wait long. It's scheduled for October 11, which is next Thursday. Stay tuned!

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