Nvidia Releases 3DTV Play Software

Nvidia announced Thursday that its Nvidia 3DTV Play software is now available for Nvidia 3D Vision-enabled desktops and notebooks. The software will allow users to connect their rigs to HDMI 1.4 3D HDTVs "for the ultimate high-definition, big-screen entertainment experience."

The software can be acquired in a variety ways—as a free upgrade to current Nvidia 3D Vision PCs via the latest Release 260 GeForce desktop drivers and Release 260 Verde Notebooks drivers, and as part of pre-configured PCs and notebooks including models from Dell, ASRock, Zotec and more. Consumers can also purchase the software in November as an upgrade for existing PCs with GeForce GPUs and Windows 7.

"3D Games, video and photos on a big screen 3D HDTV is an amazing experience," said Phil Eisler, general manager of 3D Vision at NVIDIA. "GeForce PCs with 3DTV Play software enable users to play nearly 500 games on a 3D TV. That's far more than any other platform."

In addition to native HDMI 1.4 support, Nvidia’s software package is compatible with 3D glasses from all major TV manufacturers. "With the addition of compatible playback software and A/V receivers, Nvidia Fermi architecture-based GeForce GPUs users can experience HD 24-bit multi-channel audio at up to 192 KHz, or lossless DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD audio bit streaming," the company added.

Nvidia has uploaded a list of 3D HDTVs and A/V receivers that are compatible with the new Nvidia 3DTV Play software which can be accessed here. Additionally, Dell announced a new family of XPS Laptops that come bundled with Nvidia’s software, allowing owners to watch 3D Blu-ray movies, play 3D games, and browse 3D photos and more by connecting to a 3D HDTV.

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  • ghnader hsmithot
    3d glasses one day will come in style..soon it will be xray glasses..finally the SuperMan laser beam..
  • xyster
    nah; my bet is that it will all someday be integrated right into your brain, terminator-vision style. no glasses and no silly holograms.
  • Tom Kamkari
    There are two TVs out now that don't need special glasses to do 3D