Analyst: Apple to Make HDTVs by 2011

All the Apple talk lately has centered around either Snow Leopard, iTunes 9 or lest we forget, that not-yet-announced-but-highly-publicized Apple tablet. However, interesting words from senior Piper Jeffray Analyst, Gene Munster have put a new spin on the Apple rumors.

In a memo obtained by CNN, Munster told clients that he thinks Apple will enter the market with a TV that has a DVR and home media functions built in. If Munster's musings are correct then the roadmap for Apple's foray into the television marketplace should go a little something like this:

-The company will release a new Apple TV set-top box within the next few months, with a TV input and DVR built in.Munster says that with the increasingly popularity of Hulu and Netflix's Watch Instantly, Apple will start exploring a subscription-based offering for TV content available on iTunes.-The next step would be an iTunes TV Pass within the year. This pass would offer users unlimited access to iTunes TV content for around $30-$40 per month.-Finally, Munster arrives at an Apple TV set that would have the ability to sync with iPods, iPhones and Macs. With a television set that comes "with software that makes home entertainment simple and solves a pain point for consumers" Apple would, of course, charge a premium price. This is all going to happen in the next two years.

What do you guys think? Munster goes on to point out Apple's five-year $500 million contract with LG for LCD screens and the company's DVR patents, among other things. He also points out that the argument saying that Apple won't enter the TV market because prices have fallen about 70 percent in the last three years is much like the argument that said Apple wouldn't enter the cell phone market because a similar thing had happened to mobile phone prices.

Read the complete story on CNN.

  • tayb
    They already make 30" displays but I don't know if they have coaxial, composite, or HDMI inputs. Knowing Apple it is probably a display-port only. Unsurprisingly, the 30" model costs $1,800 + tax which in the non-Apple world of displays would probably get you a nice 52" LCD.
  • rtfm
    Great, I've been looking for a horribly overpriced underspecced T.V to waste hug amounts of money on (not). At least they wont be able to call it iTV as that's a uk TV station.

    On another note, here in the UK, people who want really a DVR usually have a paid T.V service such as Sky all of which come with a free (inclusive) DVR as part of the set top box anyway.
  • dheadley
    Searched for 52" 1080p LCD TV's in the price range. With the TV you get 1920x1080 resolution, slower response time and bigger pixel pitch numbers. With the Apple 30" display you get 2560x1600 resolution and faster response time and smaller pixel pitch. They are not really comparable honestly. one is designed for computer graphics professionals and one is just made to be just good enough to do the 1080p standard well.
  • apache_lives
    in love with windows media centre since the 2005 version reguardless of its flaws - sorry apple but microsoft tops the cake with simplicity when i use 4 tv tuners
  • yesca_mezcal
    I agree with apache, I prefer to use Windows over apple for media, now these graphic design types will always disagree, but i`m not making video, i`m watching it, so I could care less about this spec or that, give me 1080p and h264 and FLAC and i`m happy.
  • url
    The last thing I need is someone controlling what I watch and what it costs me. If Apple follows it's normal business model, the TV would be locked to iTunes and nothing else. Apple thrives on those who can't handle things that are mildly complicated. Sort of a blonds' best friend. I don't buy Apple because I don't like being told I can't do something.
    It is like control freak big brother saying you can't unlock your phone, change your battery, add flash memory to your phone, choose the cell phone service provider you wish, run OSX on a PC, access iTunes with any pmp device you wish, author applications for you phone without their consent and on and on it goes. The worst part is they charge you more for less.
    I suppose they do well because of the overall laziness of modern society. There are a lot of people out there that just can't handle making their own choices or are just too lazy to do so.
    Me, I prefer freedom even if it means things could get a bit complicated and I might have to apply a little effort to get something done.
  • dark_lord69
    I'm sure apple TV's will only cost $5,000,000,000 each and that would be the cost for the 42". The bigger ones are a completely different story... basically you need Bill Gates kind of money to buy one.
  • insider3
    Great, I wonder how many people are gonna pay double the price just to see the Apple logo hanging from their wall.
  • apache_lives
    so will version 3 of the TV actually do what it was ment to do?
  • AMDnoob
    omg, this thing is going to be $4,000+ just for an average mainstream 42" screen and hardware thats bundled in a anodized unibody aluminum case that has a little black apple logo on the bottom. I'm rather happy with our $1200 50" 720p Samsung Plasma.