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Your Honeycomb Tablet Has a Gingerbread UI

Google plans to eventually have both Android tablets and smartphones running Ice Cream Sandwich. However, until then, Google tablets are running the company’s tablet-optimized version of Android, Honeycomb, while phones are based on Gingerbread, aka Android 2.3.

However, those with tablet rocking Honeycomb needn’t feel left out of the Gingerbread fun. Pocketables reports modder Graffix0214 has discovered that bumping the pixel density (ppi) from 160 to higher than 170 will transform your rooted Honeycomb tablet into a Gingerbread tablet. You can use ‘LCDDensity for Root’ to tweak the dpi and toggle back and forth between Honeycomb and Gingerbread as much as you like.

Check the video to see this hack in action:

(via ElectricPig)

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  • micr0be
    say what ???
  • chrisb2e9
    Words cannot describe...
  • Sort of like using a wire hanger to fix a broken rabbit ear antenna on an old TV set.
  • ravewulf
    Damn, now I'm hungry for a real ice cream sandwich. I love those things.
  • Didn't everyone know this? We found out on the modaco blade forums as soon as someone got a bootable honeycomb working.
  • fir_ser
    Good discovery by Graffix0214.
  • rohitbaran
    Can they just mention the OS version and do away with the junk food titles? It is really not very enlightening.
  • dark_lord69
    Honeycomb, Gingerbread and now Ice Cream Sandwiches? I'm confused, are talking food or tablets?
  • iOS is Much Better - More smoother and no lag
  • I also noticed that NOTHING worked well while it was in "gingerbread UI" mode. Btw I don't think it was really gingerbread, just amping the pixel density forces the os to think its running on a small high density screen...therefore the UI changes.

    Nothing is actually stopping honeycomb from running on a smartphone, it COULD run right now if you wanted it to.