Google Gives HP Printers Own Email Addresses

Web-connected printers are slowly gaining prominence and HP has always been at the forefront of this endeavor to make these smart printers a mainstream commodity. This week we learn HP has teamed up with Google to give Web-connected printers their own email addresses.

A recent article in the New York Times talks about HP's new strategy when it comes to printers. It discusses Web-connected printers and the company's desire to load these peripherals with apps (think movie tickets, coupons, directions) from a dedicated app store. However, one thing we didn't know is that Google is interested in the direction HP is taking printing and the two have formed a unique partnership. According to NYT, the collaboration allows people to send things like Google Docs and Calendars directly to HP's printers.

It makes sense when you think about it; if your printer has it's own email address, you can have someone send those important documents straight to your printer, and nearly cut your computer out of the equation completely.

Would you buy a smart printer? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • manitoublack
    someone on the inside of google post a few printer emails. time to spam a printer ;)
  • horatio b
    Absolutely! I can print things on the road and tell my wife(who is not so tech savvy) it's on the printer. My only concern however is what if someone accidentally e-mails my printer a 500 pages?
  • tashfeenmajid
    It would definitely be interesting.

    But the only thing I am concerned about is, my printer printing all those Nigeria bank account hoax and enlarge your penis junk mails sent to it.