Nokia Seeks to Ban BlackBerry Handsets Over Patents

Nokia has requested a U.S. court to ban the sale of every single BlackBerry handset in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

The Finnish company believes every BlackBerry handset currently available on the market all infringe on a patent it owns that pertains to Wi-Fi connectivity.

Passed earlier during 2012, a ruling found that Nokia was the rightful patent owner, but Research in Motion has yet to deliver the license fees to legitimately use the Wi-Fi technology in question.

The BlackBerry owner, however, stressed that an earlier licensing deal should cover the Wi-Fi patent and it doesn't want to pay a second fee. The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, which is mediating the discussions between the two firms, disagreed.

Elsewhere, Nokia is suing RIM in German courts for allegedly infringing patents related to media tags, data sharing and software update methods.

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  • spentshells
    HAHAHAHAHAHAH accept it you are going down right behind them and even worse you wanna take what they do have before they go out of business
  • funguseater
    New Corporate environment... Can't Compete----LITIGATE

  • Jerky_san
    Man kicking a guy in the balls when hes already on the floor.. that's pretty low..
  • spentshells
    Jerky_sanMan kicking a guy in the balls when hes already on the floor.. that's pretty low..
    its easy for them it's not like they are reaching down
  • jhansonxi
  • nukemaster
    funguseaterNew Corporate environment... Can't Compete----LITIGATE

    This is just getting stupid.
    Imagine if back in the 80's no one but Sony could make portable tape players(everyone was making the damn things) and cd players(same deal) in the 90's.
  • markem
    nokia is a government pawn attacking RIM bcoz its hated for not giving passwords to the USA, India, UK and many other countries
  • fuzzion
    Leave the peaceful canadians alone!
  • Old_Fogie_Late_Bloomer
    I'm so glad I didn't go for a Lumia phone right now.
  • A Bad Day
    RIM is already dying, stop beating it over the head...