VOTW: Robot Makes Tiny Paper Aeroplane

If you’re in the medical profession, you might recognize the machine in this week’s Video of the Week. The da Vinci surgical robot provides surgeons with the kind of precision that cannot be matched by the gloved, golden-hands of even the most talented surgeon. He also makes paper aeroplanes.

Of course, one could argue that the impressive part of all of this is the skill exhibited by Dr. James Porter, the man at the da Vinci’s controls, and one might be right. Okay, smarty-pants: who’s fault is it that this robot throws like a girl?

  • christop
    Super cool tool for surgery...
  • Assmar
    Not really a robot though, is it. It's a really technically impressive tool, though!
  • techseven
    But, can it play Crysis 2?

    Oh yes it can, but its unwillingness to shoot anyone makes it useless, it only wants to make friends and make them paper aeroplanes...
  • nukemaster
    Impressive tool, but even my fat fingers can fold an airplane that size :)

    What impresses me most is how well it was operated.
  • wolley74
    one skilled doctor o,o
  • ltbob
    First I was like.. WOAH THATS A HUGE PENNY then I figured out it was actually a little piece of paper
  • Johnny Barber
    This made me smile like a child. I am wowed :)
  • Lame robots perform open heart surgery. Cool robots make tiny paper airplanes.
  • saaiello
    So that's how you make a paper airplane...
  • nebun
    christopSuper cool tool for surgery...this tool is already used for surgery, nothing new here, lol