Samsung Bashes RIM's BlackBerry in New Commercial

We've gotten pretty used to Samsung making fun of the iPhone (and iPhone owners) in its commercials. The company has a whole series of adverts based on the fact that Apple fans tend to queue up for new products and that these new products are sometimes missing key features. However, it seems Samsung has grown tired of ragging on Apple, as it's moved on to another competitor in the smartphone space.

This time, Samsung is taking aim at Blackberry-maker RIM. The new commercial shows a company adopting something of a BYOD policy and telling companies that they can now use 'any phone they want' for work. The rest of the commercial makes a point of showing how the Blackberry users refuse to part with their old smartphones for something a little more up-to-date.

Check the ad for yourself below and let us know what you think!

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  • Northwestern
    I'm curious as to why Samsung would bother with RIM when they have such a stronghold on the market. No way should they feel threatened by them.
  • sulanis
    I think Samsung make pretty good products, however when they start bashing other companies(RIM) it really makes me think they are scared of RIM because they know it could end up being a great product. RIM has never bashed other companies, all they are doing is trying to spread the word about there new OS.

  • wdmfiber
    Funny commercials aside... the Android OS needs to get security under control. I can't have my phone collecting data for some covert 3rd party.,news-16613.html
  • Bloob
    I think I'd trust RIM or even MS more with Enterprise phones than any Android vendor.
  • shadowfamicom
    Samsung needs more phones with physical keyboards. The only option from them (for AT&T atleast) was the Samsung Captivate Glide.... Love the size of the Note, but went with something with a real keyboard instead.
  • house70
    I watched the commercial twice. It's not really a bashing, more of a zing. Someone likes to create a storm in a glass of water. The BB appears twice, last time side-by-side to what appears to be an iPhone.
  • olaf
    That's just unwarranted ... Samsung really aiming to be like Apple.
  • jaber2
    two different markets, phone as a business tool RIM and smart phone as business/fun/leisure tool
  • wemakeourfuture
    Why do all Galaxy users in Samsung commercials act like douchebags?
  • Miharu
    I don't feel any "bashes" in this commercial. Few jabs... but nothing really major and no real argument.

    The only point I see in this commercial is 2 different way to think: business man (a professional phone that you CAN'T install JUNK on it and that you USE JUST for business) and the "one phone rule them all" (one phone DOING EVERYTHING... that mean MIX business and personal use).

    Most "big" business don't WANT THAT. You should mostly never use phone for personal call on their PHONE.
    It's worst if you use their data for your personal use...

    Also adding 256bit-AES encryption on the phone mean nothing. Android have few securities issues that seem unacceptable for a business model. What the importance of a 256bit-AES encryption when you stream that information unencrypted everywhere around you, cloud (any cloud could be hacked) and on Internet.
    Being secure means stop security issue (where Android OS should need refactoring) and stop installing junk (something Android OS allow if you allow it).

    I like Samsung... but this commercial is a miss... I fell the Unicorn Apocalypse is more important since that take half of the commercial.