Samsung Files Lawsuit Against iPhone 5

Samsung has filed a lawsuit against Apple's iPhone 5 over the alleged patent infringements in the latest iDevice.

The South Korean conglomerate said in a statement that “we have little choice but to take the steps necessary to protect our innovations and intellectual property rights”. The lawsuit itself is scheduled to go to trial sometime during 2014.

Bloomberg said Samsung began its investigation of the smartphone as the soon as the iPhone 5 launched on September 21.

Meanwhile, FOSS Patents reports that the firm asked the court to add the iPhone 5 to its lawsuit already underway in U.S. Federal Court. Samsung says the device infringes upon a total of six utility patents in addition to two standards essential patents.

The complete court filing documents Samsung arguing that “the iPhone 5 has the same accused functionality as the previously accused versions of the iPhone, so the proof of infringement of the patents-in-suit by the iPhone 5 is the same as for other Apple devices already accused of infringement in this litigation”.

Earlier today, Apple also suffered a legal setback with a sales ban against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 being overturned. That said, Apple has, of course, been awarded over $1 billion in damages, which saw a judge ruling that Samsung infringed upon several patents belonging to the former.

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  • victorious 3930k
    2014? The iPhone5 will be so irrelevant then.
  • templinc
    victorious 3930k2014? The iPhone5 will be so irrelevant then.
    While it may be irrelevant to devices that will be out in the year 2014, it will certainly be relevant in the fact that being the fastest selling iPhone to date, there are plenty of damages to be collected on by Samsung should Samsung prevail.
  • Neverdyne
    victorious 3930k2014? The iPhone5 will be so irrelevant then.
    But the money they could gain from the trail will not!
  • wcnighthawk
    "2014? The iPhone5 will be so irrelevant then."

    Doesn't matter, iPhone6-10 will all be the same thing anyways. So it will all be relevant :p And it's about time Samsung swung back.
  • cookoy
    justice delayed is justice denied
  • bllue
    If it had been Apple who sue the courts would have been more than willing to start tomorrow
  • eternalkp
    go samsung
  • guru_urug
    victorious 3930k2014? The iPhone5 will be so irrelevant then.
    Think of it as Samsung's long-term investment. This one looks like it gonna pay big!! :)
  • internetlad
    Apple sues.


    Samsung sues.


    Seriously, i'm by no means an apple fan. Far from it.

    This pissing match just has to stop.
  • bin1127
    It takes two to tango baby. Let's get this on!