Seagull Steals a GoPro and Films San Francisco Bay in Flight

GoPro is known for producing small but durable wearable cameras for capturing sports or point-of-view recordings. You've likely shot or seen footage from a GoPro at some point. Even if you don't own one (or know someone who owns one), the GoPro has been used in numerous TV shows, including Mythbusters. Still, if you have seen some GoPro footage, it probably wasn't anything as cool as footage shot by a seagull.

Nathalie Rolladin was on the beach filming a San Francisco sunset when her GoPro was snatched by a mischievous seagull. The seagull took her camera on a tour of the bay (with some surprisingly decent camera work), before dropping the camera. Of course, we wouldn't know anything about it if he'd dropped the camera into the water. Luckily, the seagull was kind enough to set the camera down gently enough onto the pier. Nathalie got her camera back in one piece along with a unique recording.

Check the video below, which captured the entire scene in less than a minute.

GoPro STOLEN by a SEAGULL!! - Unique San Francisco sunset...

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  • robochump
    And shows the culprit flying away...truly epic!
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  • mavroxur
    Awesome! Glad she got it back.
  • bustapr
    great video, glad you posted this.